Wedding Planning Update and FAQS

Happy Friday! Today is officially 99 days until Jarrett and I get married. Like, what the heck? How did time go by this quickly? And how the heck are we going to get everything done? Deep breaths are very much required in this chaotic, exciting time in our lives.

Today, I am going to be giving an update about our planning status and answering a few frequently asked questions. Let me know in the comments below what else you want to know! Any wedding topics you want me to cover in the future? And if you are planning a wedding, tell me how it has been for you 😊

Wedding Planning Update

As a little reminder, we are getting married on June 23, 2018 at the Preserve at Chocorua in Tamworth, NH. And yes, if you follow me on social media, you know that we live in Virginia Beach. It has been an interesting experience planning a wedding that will occur 550 miles away. I will 100% be doing a blog post on how to stay sane during this, so look for that in the future.

Our next trip up to New Hampshire is in just two weeks! The main reason we are making our way north again is for my bridal shower. I am so excited to see what my mom and sister have planned! And cannot wait to see my family and friends.

Here’s what else we will be accomplishing while in New England for 3 days: meeting with our officiant and wedding planner, hair/makeup trial, dress fitting, and shopping for my sister’s wedding dress! I don’t know if I have mentioned it on here, but my sister, Elli, got engaged in January and will be getting married December 29, 2018! We are in for a very busy, but very exciting year!

My life is currently a mix of endless lists and packages from Etsy. I will eventually do an in-depth post of everything I purchased from Etsy for the wedding, but here are a few things I just received!

Our guest book is actually a tree! Our guests will sign the braches, making it look like leaves. Etsy Shop: Bleudetoi


This glass terrarium is our card box! I wanted to choose a piece that we could use as decor in our home. Etsy Shop: Leosklo

We also just purchased our wedding bands and wedding invitations, and let me tell you, *#@! just got real! As we continue to get closer and closer to our wedding date, I realize just how soon that day will be here! And purchasing these two major items has me so excited 😊

The next big things that I am trying to accomplish sooner rather than later are the following: finalizing all menus, finalizing rehearsal dinner décor, mailing invitations, and purchasing remaining wedding party gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you pick New Hampshire, when you live in Virginia?

Both Jarrett and I grew up in NH and it is where most of our friends and family live. We love the state, especially in the summer, and think it will be the perfect setting for our wedding!

How did Jarrett propose?

Check out my post about our engagement here! 😊

How did you choose your venue?

Because we live in Virginia, we wanted to make a weekend event out of our wedding! The Preserve at Chocorua is ours for four days, Thursday- Sunday. And, it sleeps approximately 70 people! We cannot wait to spend a long weekend with the people closest to us. It’s also gorgeous, so it has that going for it! If I’m being honest, I think the thing that truly sold me on the venue was the fact that there are two corgis that live on the property. Dogs just make my day!

How did you decide on the food menu?

Our venue is totally DIY, in the way that we had to bring in each individual vendor. For catering, we chose The Common Man, which also has many restaurant locations across NH. Jarrett and I had eaten at a few locations and knew we loved the food.

As far as the actual menu goes, we haven’t finalized it just yet! We are doing a cocktail hour with two stations and 3-5 passed hors d’oeuvres, and then buffet for dinner. Having a vegetarian option for dinner was a must, so we are likely doing that, a steak option, and a seafood. We have preliminarily chosen a menu from the off-site catering list, which can be accessed here.

As far as dessert goes, we are doing DONUTS! Because hello, have you read the name of this blog?

What traditions are you keeping? Not keeping?

The biggest tradition we are keeping is that Jarrett and I will not see each other until the ceremony. We had originally planned on doing a first look, but now we have extra time between the ceremony and cocktail hour to get photographs taken care of. I love that I will be walking down the aisle the first time he sees me!

We will also be doing father/daughter and mother/son dances and a cake cutting.

We will not be doing a bouquet or garter toss. I honestly did not want to spend to money to purchase flowers I will throw to someone, and the garter toss idea just makes me blush!

What has been the biggest stressor in the planning process?

Well, the barn at our venue burned down ☹ That was 100% the biggest stress I have had during planning and I might have had a mini panic attack. Luckily, everything else on the property was spared and we are still able to get married there. But, for a bit, that was also questionable. Good thing I have a very understanding fiancé, family, and wedding planner!

We are now having our reception in a tent on the property and I think it will still be gorgeous!


I hope this answered a few questions you had about our upcoming wedding! Make sure to check out all of my wedding-related blog posts here and stay tuned for future posts.

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