Goal Setting 101 and Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Hello friends! Can you believe it’s 2018?! I hope you are excited to be back on the blog and ready for all kinds of exciting content coming your way. I figured we would start off the year talking about methods to achieving your goals and what my goals are for the year ahead!

As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Have any goals you are hoping to achieve? How do you feel about resolutions vs. goals? Let me know here and follow me on Instagram to keep the conversation going 😊

Let’s dive right into methods to accomplishing your 2018 goals.

Top 4 Tips to Goal Setting

Stay positive.

Did you know that is takes approximately 2 months for a behavior to become a habit? That’s a whole heck of a lotta time when you think about it. And if you are trying to engage in a new activity, such as working out, or trying to break a pre-formed habit, like biting your nails, these things are going to take time.

Congratulate yourself every time you move towards forming that new habit. Go to the gym 3 days in a row? You go girl! But, on the other hand, you must realize that some days you won’t accomplish that goal. And that’s okay, because you are moving in the right direction! Look at things in a positive light and things will come your way. Towards the end of 2017, I made a huge effort to be more positive in how I reacted to either personal failure or things I had no control over. It drastically decreased my stress and increased my overall happiness, which should be on the top of everyone’s to-do list!

Break things down into small, easily accomplished steps.

This is another huge one, guys, and largely the reason why I don’t really like the idea of “resolutions.” I know that personally, it is much easier for me to stick with something if I see progress. Have you ever tried to lose weight and didn’t see the scale change for a few weeks, so you just said *#@! this and ate a cookie? Hands up, because I think we all have. We as humans like to see positive changes that are due to our actions.

For example, if your overall goal is to “get in shape,” break it down into realistic steps that can fit into your pre-existing routine. Try parking far away from wherever you are going so you log extra steps for the day. Once this becomes a habit, add something else to your day, such as doing calf raises while brushing your teeth! These things might seem silly, but making minor changes that you will stick with will eventually lead to that substantial change.

**I’m going to touch base more on this below.

Be realistic and specific.

Stating that you want to “get in shape” is just not going to fly. You need to find the why and how, and make it measurable.

First, choose a goal that motivates you! That is your “why” and your drive to actually accomplish this goal.

Next, be specific! Do you want to be able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes? Want to be able to do a headstand in yoga? How about doing more push-ups than your boyfriend? These will help you “get in shape,” and have a way of being measured other than your opinion!

Lastly, be realistic. If you haven’t jogged in 5 years, don’t make it a goal to run every day. You just won’t do it or you’ll do it for a while and then burn out. You know yourself better than anyone else. Be kind to yourself and don’t set yourself up for failure from the beginning! It is so much more motivating to accomplish a realistic goal and move onto the next stage, rather than be disappointed that you couldn’t reach the ultimate end-point immediately.

Give yourself a break.

Finally, like I mentioned above, be kind to yourself! So what if you mess up one day? You are human and mistakes happen. Some days you might just be too tired to meal prep or too lazy to organize your closet. Allow yourself the break and move past it. The one thing you want to avoid is having it become a new habit. Give yourself the space to mess up and then the grace to fix it.


My 2018 Goals

Focus on my skincare!

As I am now in my late 20’s (*gasp*), I have realized I need to focus on my skin! And with my upcoming wedding, it really needs to be a priority. I have never had great skin and have tried so many products (which may be the problem.) Currently, my skin has been behaving about 75% of the time, but any spots I get leave behind lovely marks. Plus, lord knows wrinkles run in my family. According to my mom, my dad had “eye crinkles” when they started dating at 17 years old!

So, while my overall goal is to improve my skin, my initial step is to remove makeup before I workout. Once this becomes a habit, I will probably throw something else in there, but for now, this is my step one and something I believe I can accomplish relatively easily.

Get stronger!

I have been weight-lifting for approximately 3 years, but towards the end of 2017 I just got lazy, or unmotivated; whatever you want to call it. I stopped caring about whether I went to the gym and really fell off the bandwagon. I recently deadlifted again and was so disappointed that my current max is almost 50 lbs less than my prior lifts.

I’m more than ready to get back to the gym and increase my strength! This goal has 2 components for me currently. Step 1 is to get to the gym 5 days per week. This may seem like a lot, but I have a free membership to the YMCA through my work, and a pretty solid gym at my apartment complex. No more excuses this time! Step 2 might seem a little ridiculous, but it is to do 10 push-ups every day. Push-ups have always been a huge weakness of mine, and I know I will be so motivated to continue lifting when I see how easy they eventually become.

Stay more organized!

This is almost a constant goal of mine and I have never broken it into accomplishable steps. Not sure why, but this year is going to be different! I picked up a new 2018 planner from good ole’ T.J. Maxx and plan to write out my week on Sunday nights. Also, the big change I am going to make this year is to do a 10-minute chore every day. I am always so mad at myself for saving everything for the weekend. So, I am setting a timer and planning a different task daily. Tonight, I am going to organize my bedroom closet for 10 minutes. And when the 10 minutes are up, that’s it. Move on.

Grow this blog!

I started this blog as a creative outlet in October 2017 and have been loving it! I would love to hear your advice on having my blog reach a larger audience. Currently, my goals are to post on Instagram daily (follow me here) and to write 2 blog posts per week. But, give me your hints and tips! Some days I feel like I am writing to no one on here and some days I don’t mind that.


I hope these steps will help you accomplish your goals in 2018! I can’t wait to create new and exciting content for you all 😊

2 thoughts on “Goal Setting 101 and Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet”

  • Great advice! I’ve learned that I have a tendency to set too many goals, or goals that are too broad, making it easy to get lost in the sea of “why haven’t I accomplished this yet?” or “I should be doing this, too”…the list can grow too quickly. This year, I’m trying to stay more present and set those achievable, specific goals. Maybe try some yoga and meditation, too. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

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