Planning a New Hampshire Spring Wedding

Good morning, happy Sunday! Today is the day this blog is going live, and I am a big ball of nerves and excitement. Excited that I finally decided to do this, and nervous that its now being shared with all of you! Eek!

If this is the first post you are reading, then you probably have not read that I am engaged! Although you may have guessed by the title. 😊 This post is going to be a run-down of the planning that we have accomplished so far, along with my Pinterest wedding inspiration. I am planning on continuing to post about any and all wedding-related activities over the next 9 months!

Jarrett and I got engaged in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on April 9th of this year! I cannot believe it has almost been 6 months. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun… and are buried in planning and the stress of moving to a new city! I am going to do an entire post recapping that special day in the next 2 weeks.


Now, when we got engaged, we already had our moving date set to May 18th. This means, we had roughly 5 weeks to find a venue, and therefore secure a date, before moving 500+ miles away. No pressure, right? Luckily, we knew we wanted to be married in NH, which is where we both grew up and where our families still live. I think we saw 6-7 properties, before we fell in love with The Preserve at Chocorua. It is a family-run venue, where we can have both the ceremony and reception on-site. And the best part? We have the property to ourselves from Thursday-Sunday and it sleeps 60 guests! So excited to spend that time with our family and friends, especially since we now live so far away. June 23, 2018 will be the best day EVER 😊


The next vendor we booked was our photographer. To me, this was a very important decision and one that I was willing to spend a little more money on. By this time, we were already in Virginia and trying to get settled in. So, after quite a few phone calls with different photographers, we decided to work with Barefotos Photography! Liz and Dan are a married couple, that will both be on location for our wedding. I just connected with her instantly on the phone, which made me feel 10x better considering the first day we will meet will be the wedding. I also really wanted multiple photographers to capture those big moments, like both of our faces when I walk down the aisle!


Our venue is basically 100% DIY, meaning that we bring in all outside vendors, including catering. Surprisingly, choosing a caterer was our easiest decision, given what a foodie I am! We looked at The Common Man as a potential venue location, and ate at the restaurant on site the day we toured. This restaurant has multiple locations throughout NH and is a definite crowd-pleaser. The majority of the vendors I have spoken with rave about the mashed potatoes! We are really looking forward to our future tasting!


We decided to go with a DJ instead of a band, largely because we wanted a large variety of music that was more-or-less guaranteed to sound pretty good. Our families love to dance and we expect the dance floor to be packed all night! This was a decision I handed off to Jarrett, because the wedding planning stress was getting real at this point. He has a lot more knowledge of music than I do and I trusted he would choose someone that would not disappoint. Ultimately, we decided to work with Jay La Bella, of La Bella and the Beat. (Clever, right?)

Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator was a decision I made within the last couple months, once I realized how much exactly goes into planning a wedding! Especially from 500+ miles away. I am so excited to be working with Tracy of Inked Events, who is currently in the running for NH’s Best Wedding Planner! She has been amazing so far and I trust her wholeheartedly to make our day as amazing as possible. I knew I did not want to be stressed about talking to vendors or giving guests directions, etc. while I was getting ready for the biggest and best day. I am already less nervous knowing everything will be handled so well!

My Wedding Dress

I have the biggest smile on my face writing this. I am so in love with my wedding dress! Mid-June, I flew up to NH to spend a very special day with my mom, sister, two of my aunts, and one of my bridesmaids. We went to Marry & Tux, and Julia, my bridal consultant, could not have been sweeter! When we got into the showroom, we selected 5-6 dresses to try on just based on first impressions. And you guys, I fell in love with the first dress!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: everyone loves the first dress they try on. It is this magical moment, where you realize that you are actually marrying your best friend! Despite knowing that I would probably choose the first dress, I of course proceeded to try on a few more, really liking a few, but never getting that same feeling. And, because we only had this one day and I have a hard time making decisions, we left the salon. Approximately 2 hours later, after lunch and a disastrous appointment at a different salon, we walked right back into Marry & Tux so I could put my dream dress back on! Now, I obviously can’t give any details here in case Jarrett reads this. All I can say is, its perfect.

Next Up

This upcoming week, we are making our way to NH to meet with our officiant, meet with a few florists, and go to a cake tasting! Very excited about that last one. We also have to order our save-the-dates, finalize the guest list, finish the wedding website, and find a videographer. Like I said, the list never seems to end! I am planning to keep you all updated every step of the way, with tips and tricks I discover throughout this crazy, exciting process.

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Lastly, here’s a look at some of my wedding inspiration. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, for all things food, travel, and wedding! Enjoy!

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