Our Engagement Story: 4.9.17

As of today, it has already been 6 months since our engagement! It’s crazy to think that this time has gone by so quickly, as we have been busy with moving to Virginia and planning the wedding. I used to think that June sounded so far away, but after spending the weekend in New Hampshire, and continuing the planning process, it doesn’t seem that far off!

I thought it would be fun to re-cap how Jarrett proposed, mostly because I like reminiscing about one of the best days of my life. Enjoy!

April 9, 2017

For the second year in a row, Jarrett was competing in Maine’s Strongest Man, a strongman competition in Augusta, ME. The competition was Saturday, April 8th, and Jarrett and I were heading to Portland, ME afterwards to spend the rest of the weekend with friends. Jarrett ended up winning his weight class (wahoo!) so we ended up having lots of exciting things to celebrate.

All week, Jarrett had been telling me that he wanted to do a hike and drink a beer at the top of the mountain on Sunday morning (not out of the ordinary). But unfortunately, the weather had been rainy that week, and he decided it would be too muddy. Instead, Jarrett drove us to Two Lights State Park and pretended to be looking for a good spot to film his YouTube beer review, while really waiting for his secret photographer to arrive.


Once we decided on a spot, Jarrett set up the camera and had me turn around, pretending to be adjusting something but really placing the ring in his pocket! He eventually came over and starting talking about this beer… and then started talking about how he would always be happy if I was in his life- *cue happy tears.* He got down on one knee and barely had to ask the question before I wholeheartedly said “yes!”

The whole time, Jarrett’s friend was secretly taking pictures to document the moment, and take a few more pictures once the shock wore off. Later, we met up with friends at a local brewery to continue the celebration, followed by dinner with my family on our way back to Massachusetts.

Jarrett planned one of the best days and I can’t wait to marry him! Counting down the days until 6.23.18 🙂


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