Our 2019 Christmas Wishlist

Hello, hello! Are you sick of gift guides yet? I certainly hope not! I promise the next post will be a little break from the holiday shopping that has been on here lately. Once again, I took to my Instagram stories to poll your opinions on this blog post. You all voted to see our 2019 Christmas Wishlist. And you wanted to see both what I would like, and what my husband is asking for.

What is on your 2019 Christmas wishlist? Many of our family members ask us for direct links to items that we would love to receive, which makes shopping a bit easier for them. So, it was actually pretty easy for me to pull this wishlist together!

Let me know if any of these inspire you to either gift or (politely) request certain items for your holiday this year.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The price of an item is not affected, should you choose to purchase by clicking on one of the links below. This means that I may receive monetary compensation, at no extra cost to you, and I greatly appreciate your support of this blog!

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My 2019 Christmas Wishlist

Oral-B 1000 Crossaction Electric Toothbrush

Now, I understand that this toothbrush is a pretty boring gift to start off with, however, it’s something that I really want! Does that solidify my “adult” status? How many of you have an electric toothbrush?

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short High-Rise

I was introduced to Lululemon a couple months ago, after a coworker gave me a pair of leggings that she just didn’t love. And friends, I love them! I can’t really justify spending that much money on myself, but if somebody is asking, I would love more Lululemon goods. I now understand the cult phenomenon. So, I would love to add these shorts to my workout attire collection. What Lululemon products do you love? What do I need next?

FuelCore Nergize – New Balance Sneakers

My current workout sneakers needed to be retired about 6 months ago and that’s probably generous. These sneakers are so cute and have great reviews, so I am hoping that I love them for my workouts in 2020! What is your favorite brand of workout sneakers? Do you have any shoes on your 2019 Christmas wishlist?

Fanorak 2.0 – North Face Jacket

Jarrett and I are planning a big hiking trip to Banff for August 2020. I knew that I wanted/needed a lightweight, water-resistant jacket for that trip. I found this jacket on North Face, and guess what?! It folds up into itself, forming a fanny pack. I mean, how perfect for hiking! If I don’t need it, I can just fold it up and not have to worry about carrying it for the duration of our hike.

Bee Necklace – Etsy

A little backstory here: my mom called/calls me Brennabee for a nickname, so I have always received/loved bumblebee items. I saw this necklace on Etsy and just thought it was so pretty and dainty! I wear mostly silver, and have requested a slightly longer chain on the necklace.

Hiking Boots – Potentially Montara III eVent by Teva

Okay, so I know that I need/want hiking boots before our Banff adventures, but I really don’t know what brand/type of boot to get! What have you guys worn and loved? I need to go try on a bunch of pairs this weekend, before I can solid which pair I actually want. My mom reminded me last night that I better get to it if I want them for Christmas! Haha!

Stasher Bags

I am trying to eliminate as much waste as possible and taking small steps to do that on a daily basis! I recently learned about Stasher Bags and think it’s genius! They are definitely an investment, but should save you money in the long run and will be very helpful in continuing to limit single-use plastic.

Miscellaneous Items

I would’t say no to a bottle of red wine, preferably Toscana, which is a blend of red wines produced in Tuscany.

A Trader Joe’s gift card would be nice for all of my snacking needs.

One family member requested stocking stuffer ideas, so I suggested Sudoku puzzles and Essie nail polish. 🙂

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My Husband’s 2019 Christmas Wishlist

Men’s Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

He also needs/wants hiking boots for our trip to Banff! These boots from Timberland have great reviews!

Deadlift Belt from Cerberus Strength

If you didn’t already know, my husband competes in Strongman! He really wants a new deadlift belt this year, through Cerberus. If you are looking for new lifting gear, you can use his affiliate code JARRETT10 for 10% off any order!

Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Jarrett is currently in nursing school and in need of a slightly larger backpack. We found this one on Amazon and it has great reviews! Plus, the coolest feature, in my opinion: it has a USB charging port! That will be perfect for taking it on future travel.

Pocket-Size Power Bank High-Speed Portable Charger

To go along with the backpack that has a USB charging system, he wanted a portable iPhone charger! Always convenient to have.

Men’s Resolve 2 Jacket – The North Face

I don’t think Jarrett has ever owned a rain jacket, and I love products from The North Face! He is hoping to get this jacket for our trip to Canada, and just because it rains here in Virginia too! Ha 🙂

Wireless Earbuds

Jarrett has commented multiple times that he accidentally pauses the music on his headphones while working out, and that just doesn’t work. Who likes being in the middle of a difficult lift and having the music stop?! So, wireless headphones are definitely on his Christmas wishlist.

Miscellaneous Items for Jarrett

He would also love a new lunchbox, to go with that new backpack. He’s really embracing this student life! Ha!

A bottle of Disarono is the only liquor he actually enjoys.

Wool or very warm socks are also always on the list! Jarrett is cold more often than not and does not like to be barefoot.

Okay, what do you think? Did anything spark your interest? Are you putting similar items on your Christmas wishlist or something else?

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