November Favorites: Food, Fitness, Beauty

Good morning! Can you believe it’s already December 4th? This year went by so quickly, and even though I feel like I say that towards the end of every year, this one really did. Do you feel that way?

Time to bring you my November favorites, and despite doing Whole30 for a few weeks of this month, I have mostly food favorites! I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am though, considering my love of grocery shopping and trying new food.

As always, share with me in the comments what you loved this past month, so I can try them out in the next couple weeks! Maybe it will spark a gift idea or inspire my next recipe!


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Celestial Seasonings Tea: Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

Now, usually I am not a tea drinker, and I am definitely not a coffee drinker. But, for some reason, this caught my eye while spending way too much time (and money) in Target. Who can relate? Everyone should have their hands up! Anyways, while participating in Whole30, I wanted a caffeine-free tea for a little “something sweet” at the end of the day. I had this both with just water, and with a little almond milk, and it was delicious! There is something about holding a mug with hot tea, cocoa, etc. that just relaxes me.

Larabar Gingerbread

These were another Whole30 lifesaver, even though they technically broke the rules of Whole30. If you read my posts about my completion of the program, you know that I still consumed food with vanilla extract. That is technically not allowed since it is considered “alcohol,” but oh well. This limited-edition flavor is perfect when you want something sweet, but also kind of spicy! The amount if ginger is just right and this has only continued my love affair with Larabars.

If you did not read my Whole30 recaps, catch up here.

Cherry Cordial Hershey’s Kisses

I do not like normal milk chocolate Hershey’s kisses. I know, the horror. But I do thoroughly enjoy most of the seasonal or specialty kisses. I saw these cherry cordial kisses on Instagram and just had to try them! My mom loves cherry cordials and I grew up having them in the house during the holidays. Although they never lasted long! These have a very thin layer of chocolate and are filled to the brim with cherry cordial, bursting with flavor! I would say these are a seasonal must-try, if you are not into all of the peppermint flavored items.

If you can’t find these in store, put your Amazon Prime to good use and buy them here.

Halo Top Cinnamon Roll

Holy moly, guys. This Halo Top flavor is a game changer. This was one of the newer flavor releases and I finally tried if after Whole30. It is now my favorite, hands-down. There are chunks of what I can only assume are cinnamon bun, but are the consistency of cookie dough, and a cinnamon swirl throughout the vanilla-based ice cream. This flavor is not icy at all and I didn’t notice that it needed to sit on the counter prior to eating (as other flavors have required.) Just do yourself a flavor and go buy some ASAP. I’ll just be sitting here (not so patiently) awaiting the next seasonal flavor, gingerbread house.


Reebok Eve TR Cross-Trainers

Back in October when Jarrett and I visited family in NH, we went into the Reebok Outlet and purchased 6 pairs of shoes. Sounds a little insane, but the store was closing and items were massively discounted. I bought two pairs of these shoes, in the light blue/gray shown above, and a mint green. I was looking for shoes with a flatter sole to be worn on my lower body training days and these have done the trick! While I definitely wouldn’t run in these shoes, they are perfect for weight-lifting and the color is so cute!

You can read all about our trip to NH here!

Social Media

Whole30 Recipes Instagram Account

For approximately 50% of my Whole30 cooking, I turned to this Instagram account. The recipes I found on here were some of my favorites and I love that it introduces you to healthy food bloggers! This feed is healthy-eating goals and everything looks delicious. If you are looking to try new recipes, I would highly suggest following this account!


St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash

This is so random, but I decided to switch up my body wash this month in hopes of finding one that doesn’t dry out my skin in the colder months that are rapidly approaching. I have used St. Ives products before, and when I saw this on sale at Target, I grabbed it. I am on my second bottle and can say it makes my skin smoother! I also love the smell of shea butter 😊


For my December favorites, I am considering doing my go-to lifestyle products from the entire year instead of the traditional “what I’ve been loving this month.” What would you prefer to see? Let me know below!

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