Trader Joe’s Food You Need to Buy

Happy September, party people! I cannot believe that summer is almost officially over. Mostly because it is still a whopping 95 degrees in southern Virginia. This girl is looking forward to cool, crisp evening air. But, I have a feeling I will be waiting until at least October for that.

Anyways, today’s post is all about my favorite items from Trader Joe’s! I also tried some of the currently popular things and was a bit disappointed. We’ll get to that though. How do you all feel about grocery shopping? It is honestly the highlight of my week. Ha! I love going to new grocery stores and trying different snacks. Trader Joe’s is one of those stores I do not frequent, so I get very excited when we hit it up. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, make sure you tell me what you always purchase so I have things to try next time we go!



Must-Buy Trader Joe’s Products

Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

Ahh, the true love of my life (notice the empty container in the picture.) I joke that our cat, Axle, is the love of my life (as opposed to my husband), but these almonds give both of them a run for their money. These are perfection. If I have mentioned these almonds to you, my guess is you have purchased them and kind of hate me/kind of love me. I know one friend said she couldn’t buy them anymore because she would eat the whole container. Ha! If you like chocolate and you want a crunchy snack that may or may not be hard to put down, buy these suckers.

Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl

Who doesn’t like cookie butter? And who doesn’t like chocolate? I’ll wait here… Right. I think everyone loves both of those things. Together, magic happens. I usually put this on apples, but it would be amazing on anything.

Pumpkin Butter

Pretty sure this is only seasonal, but since it is officially PSL time, I bet it’s back. I had this stocked up in my pantry from last year… guess I really like it. Haha! I typically put this on oatmeal or rice cakes, but again, you could throw this on anything and I would probably eat it.

Cauliflower Gnocchi

This was a shock to me! Trader Joe’s Cauliflower gnocchi gets a lot of hype, so I figured I had to try it. I followed the instructions and pan sautéed it, instead of the other option to microwave. The gnocchi was paired with zucchini noodles, chicken meatballs, fresh mozzarella, and spicy marina for an easy, veggie-heavy dinner. And I really liked it! The consistency was maybe a little stickier than potato gnocchi, but they were dense and had generally the same taste. Would hands-down, 100% purchase again.

Cowboy Caviar Salsa

The king of all salsas in my opinion. When it comes to salsa, I want some chunkiness, some real oomph. This salsa has black beans and corn, so it can basically become your meal when you’ve had one too many scoops. It also has a definite kick of spice at the end, which I live for! I prefer it warmed up with tortilla chips, but I’ve also been dreaming about how it would taste in a burrito. Try it and get back to me.

Chili Lime Seasoning

I bought this seasoning on a whim, when I went in looking to try Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and they were sold out. The horror! I figured, I made the trip, so I should at least try something and I’m so happy I snagged this! I love spicy food, so anything to kick things up a notch works for me. Dash some onto chicken or beef and make yourself fajitas you’ll dream about later.

Is the Hype Worth it?

Alright, I may get a lot of hate for these items. But I tried them, and just don’t need to try them again.

Cinnamon Squares Chocolate Bar

Now, I love cinnamon toast crunch and I love chocolate so I was really surprised when I didn’t like this bar! It may be due to the fact that it is milk chocolate and my heart belongs to dark. It may also be the overpowering cinnamon flavor. Either way, I wasn’t a fan. Apologies.

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butter

Again with the overpowering cinnamon! I’m pretty sure this is a new item, because prior to shopping last weekend I definitely googled “must-buy new Trader Joe’s products” and this popped up. I tried it on an English muffin and it just didn’t work for me. I’m planning on giving it a second chance on a sweet potato. Will report back eventually. 🙂

Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

Okay, don’t yell at me. This is one of those holy grail TJ’s products that I’m not in love with. Everyone and their mother throws this puppy on avocado toast. However, I am one of the few millenials that does not enjoy avocado toast. So, alas, what am I supposed to do with this seasoning? If you have put it on other foods, let me know. Because I don’t want to hate on this beloved seasoning if I don’t have to.


Other Trader Joe’s Purchases


Trader Joe’s has the best cheese selection and it’s not overly priced! I have tried the “unexpected” cheddar cheese, but my favorite is their honey goat cheese log. Mmmm.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit, particularly mango, is another item I occasionally purchase from Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection of fruit without added sugar.


Flowers and other seasonal decorations are my final favorite from Trader Joe’s! They have beautiful flowers that are very inexpensive. And this time of year, they have pumpkins! The little white ghost pumpkins are my favorite for decorating the house.


Many of the items above have been featured in my lifestyle favorites posts! Be sure you check some of those out here. 🙂

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