Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle Favorites: Summer 2018

Hello, friends! It’s been a hot minute since I put out a lifestyle favorites post, so I thought I would dive right in today. Also, I wouldn’t be offended if most of you were getting bored with the wedding posts that have been abundant lately! If you still want that content, never you fear! Next week, you can expect at least one wedding/honeymoon post. That topic isn’t dead yet, folks.

So, how was your weekend? How’s your summer been going? We spent the largely majority of our weekend cleaning (insert crying emoji here), but having a fresh space does, in the end, make me feel better. And, luckily, we were able to spend a bit of time outside yesterday. It was so nice to see and feel the sunshine again! If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, you know that has been in short supply lately. For example, I just got another flash flood warning on my phone. Oh joy.

Anyways, I am blabbering. What you really want to know is what I have been loving in the last couple months. You ready to run right out to your nearest grocery store or hop on Amazon? Here we go!

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Must-Haves from June/July 2018

Foodie Favorites

Seasonal/Flavored Oreos

Oh boy. Where to begin with this right now?? Nabisco, you killed it with your Oreo flavors this summer. Not the ones fans voted on… I wouldn’t touch coca cola or pina colada with a 10-foot pole. However, the dessert editions you came out with? I want to kiss you! We’re talking strawberry shortcake, rocky road, and chocolate peanut butter pie. And they are all AMAZING! Chocolate pb pie is my favorite, mostly because it combines the two real loves of my life; peanut butter and chocolate. But, I would happily eat any of those flavors. They may actually be stockpiled in my pantry right now…

I am someone who tries almost every flavor of Oreo, but I’ve been cautious since apple pie did me so wrong. No need to be cautious here guys. I’ve found them at Kroger and Target so get your booty in the car and hop to it.

RxBar: Peanut Butter & Berries

If you have seen previous posts about my monthly favorites, then you have read about my love for these bars before. If you haven’t, you’re missing out and should check out my most recent here!

Dark chocolate & sea salt will forever be my number one when it comes to this brand, however, their new peanut butter & berries bar has me praising! If you love peanut butter & jelly (and let’s be real, almost everyone does), then you will love this bar! It is perfectly chewy, made with whole ingredients, and is the best afternoon, on-the-go snack. With how frequently I talk about RxBars, you would think I’m sponsored. I’m not. But hey, if you’re reading this, sponsor me please! I will continue to shout my love from the mountain tops.

Clothing to Covet

Cupshe One-Piece Swim Suit

Never have I ever put on a bathing suit and immediately loved how I looked. If you are a woman reading this, then you know how miraculous that is! I mean, we all pick ourselves apart and who really likes how they look in a swimsuit? However, I put this puppy on and thought to myself, “well, damn girl!” You need this swimsuit in your life.

The straps are adjustable, so if you have a short torso, like myself, that will not be an issue. It is cut to be sexy, but in a very classy way! I was nervous about purchasing from this brand, just because of how inexpensive it is. But, this WHITE, $29 bathing suit, was not see-through in water. Find it on Amazon here!

Check out other suits available on Cupshe! They are all so cute, great quality, and really affordable.

Francesca’s Flirty Cotton Shorts

When I was out and about shopping for a white dress to wear to my rehearsal dinner, I actually stumbled upon these perfect little shorts from Francesca’s. They are light and girly, and just perfect for my tropical honeymoon. The have an elastic waistband, with a drawstring, so you know they worked for all of those honeymoon eats! Haha! I have been loving wearing a solid tank tucked in and have received a number of compliments from total strangers. That tells you that these shorts are cute.

These bad boys are unfortunately out of stock right now, but I have linked them here if you want to try to find them in a boutique.

Lifestyle Loves

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Podcast

Now, I have never been a huge Oprah fanatic, but I have also never disliked her. I have been getting sick of listening to endless radio commercials on my drives to and from work and can only listen to the same music over and over again on occasion. Since my beloved podcast, The Health Code, has been slacking lately, I decided to expand my horizons and dive into SuperSoul Conversations.

I have been trying to incorporate little things into my life to make it happier and healthier, overall. And, I think that listening to self-help podcasts is just that. If you are someone who thinks self help is for the birds, just move past this segment. I for one, really enjoy listening to people discuss relationships, spirituality, health, etc. A recent episode with Panache Desai was my favorite! Overall, I am just loving having to “think” about life on my drives. I feel like I am making great use of that time. 🙂

Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes

Last, but not least, I have to talk to you guys about these face wipes. I have been on an endless journey towards clearing my skin. So, for the last 6 or so months, I have not been working out in any type of makeup. When I workout after work, I use one of these cleansing wipes to remove said makeup prior to hitting the gym.

In general with things of this nature, I am not brand loyal. I kind of just grab whatever is cheap from Marshall’s. But, these smell so amazing and I have not noticed any skin irritation. I think Yes to Coconut has my heart. Speaking of the smell though, the perfect amount of coconut lingers on your skin after use. I feel like I am walking out of Hawaiian spa when I’m done. Plus, it does not feel like it is drying out my skin. You know how after some wipes you can just sense the amount of alcohol in them? Like your skin immediately needs to be quenched with lotion? I don’t have that issue after using these!

Find them on Amazon here!

My real favorite thing was our wedding and honeymoon, obviously 🙂 But, you’ve probably heard enough about those. Ha!

Anyways, thanks for joining along with another favorites post! Please let me know what you have been loving lately so I can join in on the fun!

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