7 Tips to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

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Any 2018 or 2019 brides out there? Today, I’m bringing you my tips for wedding dress shopping! I went back in June, which seems like forever ago. Now, I have had my first dress fitting and can luckily say I’m still obsessed with the dress I chose. I pulled together my tips and tricks for preparing to shop for your wedding dress, so hopefully you will also find your dream gown.

What other wedding-related content would you like to see? It is a crazy, stressful, amazing process and I want to help you however I can!

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Tips and Tricks to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Go crazy on Pinterest!

Fantasize about your dream day and pin any dress that strikes your fancy! Maybe you like the neckline of one dress, but the bottom and beading of another. Pin anything you look at and think “hmm, this is pretty.” I had a wedding-related Pinterest board for longer than I care to admit and my style definitely changed over the months…maybe years  😊

The more dresses you pin, the more likely you are to find a pattern and narrow down your desired “bridal style.” Plus, when you go shopping, it helps to be able to show the stylist pictures. Heck, they may have the exact dress in the store!

Have a style in mind but don’t be rigid. And let others help you!

Now, once you have narrowed down a style you like, you may think you should only try on that look. Don’t do this! I went in thinking I wanted one style, and the dress I ended up choosing was not what I originally imagined. It was better!

I was allowed to glance through hundreds of dress and select a few to try on. I chose a few, and then made sure to have either my mom or sister choose a few as well. While you may be the most self-aware, self-confident person out there, others will see your body differently and usually more “gently.” Let them choose a dress they think you will look amazing in! At its worst, you will have tried on a dress you don’t like but have pleased your loved one in the process.

Same with the stylist. She spends her days looking at women with different body types, in different dresses. Trust her opinion and believe that she is not just trying to sell you a dress. They want you to look and feel gorgeous on your special day!


Bring a (small) crew of people who love you, but have an opinion.

I was lucky enough to fly up to NH to go dress shopping and have my sister fly in from Nashville! My shopping “entourage” included my mom, sister, and two aunts. One of my bridesmaids, Hanna, was also able to join for the second half of our day.

Ordinarily, I would say this group is too large. For a lot of bridal salons, it would be difficulty to fit this crew in your designated area and it can be overwhelming to hear that many opinions. Luckily, my family and friends all loved the same dress as me! It made the decision pretty simple.

In general, I would say bring 1-3 people who know your style but are willing to push you out of your comfort zone.

Stick to your budget.

This is a big one girls! You will likely blow your budget in other areas of the wedding planning process, but you can 100% determine the price of your wedding dress. Tell the stylist (and your crew if they will be helping browse through gowns) your budget up front. And if she suggests trying on something outside of your price-range, just be firm and say no, thank you.

I didn’t pay attention to prices when I was selecting dresses from the racks, however my stylist was wonderful with letting me know the price of the gown prior to having me try it on.

DO NOT TRY ON A DRESS OUTSIDE OF YOUR BUDGET. What if you fall in love with it? Now you are stressed about your budget and sad you can’t have that dress. You will compare all future dresses to this dress. JUST DON’T DO IT.

Also, remember to consider the cost of alterations and other bridal accessories. Those things add up quickly!

Do not feel pressured to choose your dress instantly.

So what if you had people travel to the appointment with you? So what if you took an afternoon off of work to go shopping? If you don’t find your dream dress at the first salon you go to, it’s okay! There are literally thousands of dresses out there and as you try gowns on, you will start to understand what looks good on your body.

The catch here is not to try on too many dresses. I feel like I’ve seen horror stories on television, of women who try on hundreds of dresses and go to dozens of salons. At this point, you won’t even remember which styles you liked. Try to keep it to under 20 dresses if possible 😊

But don’t overthink it if you do find it right away!

You guys, I ended up choosing the first wedding dress I ever tried on! It was part of a designer showcase that happened to be at Marry & Tux, my bridal salon. And guess what? The showcase was heading to a different bridal salon the very next day. I like to think it was fate!

Despite loving the first gown, I tried on about 5-6 more in the first store and then went to a second, knowing that I would end up choosing the first dress. I just felt like I had to explore more. I mean, you only try on wedding dresses so many times!

Once I found an amazing dress, within my budget, I just went for it. Once you found an amazing man, did you not just “go for it?”

Have fun!

You are shopping for a wedding dress! I mean, how cool is that?! Just remember to have fun and enjoy your day 😊

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