Easiest Christmas Desserts for the Holidays

It’s officially one week until Christmas! Are you excited, stressed, a combination of both? If you are anxious about the amount of things you want to get done before this special day, let me just bring you through a list of the easiest Christmas desserts for your holiday gifting! Now, I love making treats as holiday gifts, and these four desserts can make a lot! Once complete, pop these homemade desserts in a pretty seasonal tin and your holiday gifts are done!

These desserts are perfect for the chocolate lover in your life, from your coworker to your neighbor, best friend or family member! Plus, all of these desserts are easy! I’m talking minimal ingredients, not that many dishes, etc. These are “no-excuses” holiday treats.

So, are you ready for the four easiest Christmas desserts that I put in my holiday tins?

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easy homemade dessert christmas gift

Peppermint Bark

easy Christmas dessert peppermint bark

Ah, one of the big Christmas dessert staples in my opinion. Peppermint is one of those flavors that is associated with the holiday season and for good reason! It is refreshing and when combined with dark and white chocolate, just downright delicious!

There are a number of options for making peppermint bark, but I used dark chocolate as the base layer, with white chocolate and crushed peppermints on top! You can follow this recipe for specific instructions on making this easy homemade dessert.

Christmas Crack

This is an easy Christmas dessert that I have loved forever! If you are a fan of salty and sweet, plus caramel, this is for you! Again, this dessert is incredibly simple and requires chocolate chips, butter, brown sugar, and saltines. That’s about it!

With this dessert, you have the option to make it fancy, with chopped nuts or sprinkles, etc. on top, but I love the classic version of this homemade dessert. Check out this recipe!

Chocolate Bark

easy Christmas dessert holiday gift

Chocolate bark is one of those “recipes” where you can get as creative as you want! It is literally just your choice of chocolate (dark, milk, white), and whatever you want to throw on top. For my homemade recipe, I used dark chocolate and a trail mix from the grocery store, containing dried cranberries, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. It is salty and sweet and everything an easy homemade dessert should be!

I also think it would amazing with pretzels and peanut butter, or white chocolate with macadamia nuts and cranberries. How about milk chocolate with crushed Oreos and marshmallows? The world is your oyster when it comes to this homemade dessert!

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

easy Christmas dessert holiday dipped Oreo

Last but not least, chocolate dipped Oreos round out my favorite easy Christmas desserts! Again, you can get as fancy or as simple as you want with this treat. I dipped peppermint bark Oreos in dark chocolate and tossed on a few festive sprinkles. However, double stuffed Oreos in white chocolate are also incredible. Let me know what combinations you have had or want to try this year!

Holiday Gifting

easy Christmas dessert holiday gift

easy Christmas dessert holiday gift

If you want to give these easy Christmas desserts as gifts this holiday season, just grab a few festive tins from your local Dollar Tree and get to work! I arranged those paper muffin liners in the tin and threw in a combination of these treats.

This is such an easy, thoughtful, and delicious way to let someone know you care about them this holiday season! Let me know what easy, Christmas desserts you make during the holiday season! I would love to get a few ideas for next year. 🙂

Looking for other dessert ideas? Make chocolate chip banana bread or apple crisp!


easy homemade dessert christmas gift

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