Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach

Happy Friday! Real talk here: I feel like I’m in a bit of a content rut. For so long, I had a million different wedding posts I could write, and now that the wedding has come and gone, I’m at somewhat of a loss as to what to talk to you all about! I mean, there will be more wedding posts coming, with my sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette in the near future, but right now, I just don’t know what you all want to read. If there is anything specific you are interested in, let me know!

Anyways, I decided today would be a great day to tell you all about my favorite restaurants in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area! We have now lived here for almost 1.5 years, so we have had a bit of time to find our top picks! As you may already know, I am a big foodie, so it takes a lot for me to say I love a restaurant. The spots below have made the cut for one reason or another, but I’m sure we will continue adding to the list as we continue to explore Hampton Roads.

Check out my post on our favorite breweries in Virginia Beach here! I wrote this a few months back and 3-4 new breweries have opened in that time… so it may need to be updated at some point soon.



This may have been the first brunch we had in Virginia Beach! Citrus has two locations, both of which are bright and spacious, with lots of seating. Which is needed, because these restaurants are usually packed on weekend mornings! The menu is expansive, with amazing treat meals and healthy options. There are also a ton of brunch drinks to choose from! The food that sells it for me: the citrus pancakes. Holy moly. These buttermilk pancakes have banana and pineapple, with a citrus glaze that is to-die-for! I get this as a side item every time we go, no questions asked.

Baker’s Crust

I have had both brunch and dinner at Baker’s Crust, at two different locations. Each meal has been delicious, but the brunch is what you need to go for! Both the chicken & waffles, and the southern Benedict on a sweet potato biscuit, are incredible! There are multiple locations, each featuring different specials, which I love!


Taste Unlimited

You guys, if you come to Hampton Roads and do not grab a sandwich from Taste, you are doing it wrong. There are so many amazing options, or you can make one up yourself! I typically design my own- turkey with whipped goat cheese on French bread, with spinach, tomato, cucumber and house dressing. Mmmm mhmm. The bread is so fresh and the house dressing literally has me licking my fingers. Plus, Taste also serves as a local foodie shop, with spiced nuts, dressings, and wine! And, the 21st St location in Norfolk has gelato!


Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

I have never craved a burger until we ate at Jack Brown’s. Ask my husband. These burgers are so good, they don’t even ask you how you want it cooked! I have ordered the “Chiflet” every time, which is a burger with cheese, bacon, and an egg. Plus a side of sweet potato fries. I don’t think I will ever stray from this order. Now, if you can eat a lot, you probably want to order a double patty. And, ¬†it’s worth noting that the sides are sold separately, but the prices are great! Additionally, the craft beer selection is out-of-this-world! You will absolutely find something you love.

Whiskey Kitchen

Whiskey Kitchen has a large menu, featuring classic American fare. If you are with a group who appreciate variety, definitely go there! My favorite dish is the crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries. So good! It is moderately priced and has a large local craft beer selection, along with cocktails. Seating in the bar area is first-come, first-serve, so sharpen your table-snagging skills and head on over.


If you are in the mood for amazing brick-oven pizza in a cozy restaurant environment, head to Hearth! I love love love the pizza and the garlic herb fries… I mean, come on! They feature seasonal, local foods that are always fresh and delicious. This is the perfect date night spot!

Mission BBQ

Looking for fast barbecue that lives up to southern expectations? Jarrett and I love Mission BBQ. It’s a counter-service restaurant that allows you to mix and match meats, sandwiches, and sides. We have taste-tested all of their sauces and have our favorites, but everything has been delicious! The other great thing about this restaurant? They help support veterans and active military!


Duck Donuts

Ah, Duck Donuts. You all probably know about my love for these bad boys. Duck Donuts serves freshly-made, warm cake donuts, with the perfect toppings. I am particularly fond of blueberry pancake, peanut butter & jelly, and anything chocolate. Again, there are a ton of locations in the Mid-Atlantic, so find one near you and get there ASAP! They have an apple streusel donut featured for fall that I am for sure trying this weekend!

Strawberry Fields 

Okay, guys. If you love quality and you love ice cream, make your way into Norfolk, to this teeny tiny gelato shop. It is perfectly creamy and rich and oh, baby, just delicious! They also sell pints to go, and the flavors rotate constantly. Last time, I had strawberry cheesecake and it can only be described as divine.

Hummingbird Macarons

You guys. If you are in downtown Norfolk, head over to Hummingbird for the most amazing macarons! I had a patient bring me 4 different flavors and I have never turned back. Flavors change daily, but everything I have tried has been incredible. Specific favorites include chocolate birthday cake and Nutella. The bakery also features other desserts, including cupcakes!

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