Best Craft Breweries in Virginia Beach

Happy Friday, friends! Somehow another weekend is already here. Despite the days going slowly sometimes, the weeks have been flying by recently! Maybe it’s because of the anticipation of our wedding? In any case, May is just around the corner and I am very excited for summer 😊

Today, I have a great post for all of you craft beer lovers out there! I’m ranking my favorite breweries in Virginia Beach/Norfolk. Now, my favorite brewery, Green Flash, closed recently and I am devastated. I mean, I am seriously in mourning. But, never fear! There are several other breweries that I really enjoy in the area, so let’s dive right in.

Top 5 Breweries in Virginia Beach

1. Commonwealth Brewing Company
2444 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA

I love this brewery! The building itself used to be a fire station but was converted into this great brewery. During warm weather, they open doors to the outside, so you can park yourself in the shady indoors if you so desire. Otherwise, there is plenty of outdoor seating, with picnic tables and a rotating food truck. Other massive plus: they allow dogs outside! I don’t own a puppy (yet), so as of right now, I vicariously live through people who go to breweries and bring their beloved besties.

Now, about the beer. There are usually over a dozen options to choose from, resulting in lots of beer flights. Most recently, I tried “Tinta Rosa,” which is the first sour I have ever enjoyed. EVER. It tasted like tangy fruit juice and is the perfect summer drink. If sours are not your thing, there are many IPA and pale ale options as well. Jarrett’s favorites are Big Papi and Taonga.

Also, I’m hoping they bring back Pumpkin Juiced next fall. It was an imperial pumpkin ale and sitting at a whopping 9.8% ABV, it can for sure get you “juiced.”

2. O’Connor Brewing Co
211 W 21st St, Norfolk, VA

This brewery is in Norfolk, the city neighboring Virginia Beach. Now, don’t let first impressions scare you away. O’Connor is not in the nicest area of town but is perfectly safe! This brewery again offers many draft options, with favorites including ODIS, Great Dismal, and El Guapo.

My favorite thing about this brewery is all the events they have! When the weather warms up, I swear there is something going on every weekend. We went here for St. Patty’s day, and plan on going for an event on Cinco de Mayo!

Dogs are allowed here as well (notice a theme?) and there is plenty of outdoor space, along with a beer garden. Perfect for the upcoming summer months!

3. Smartmouth Brewing Co
1309 Raleigh Ave, Norfolk, VA
313 32nd St, Virginia Beach, VA

I have only been to the Norfolk location of this brewery, but they just recently opened up a Virginia Beach location at the oceanfront! They have a lot of variety on draft and specifically, there is a hefeweizen out right now that I would love to try! My guess is we will be visiting the new pilot house this weekend 🙂

UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 8, 2018): We have now been to the Virginia Beach pilot house location and it was great! Really big, with plenty of seating. Just make sure you park in the rear of the building. Lots of other nearby lots get towed regularly.

4. Coelacanth Brewing
760 A W 22nd St, Norfolk, VA

Coelacanth is also in Norfolk, right down the road from Jarrett’s work and nearby to O’Connor. Might as well visit both, right? I wouldn’t call this brewery your typical, run of the mill spot. As they state on their website, “We don’t make hoppy beers. We don’t make pumpkin beers. We don’t follow the crowd.”

I have only been a handful of times but have enjoyed all the beer I have tried! Coelia, a rosemary lemon wheat beer, is by far my favorite. I have noticed a handful of sour beers each time I have been, so if that is your jam, this is the place to be. Food trucks have not been spotted here, but there are a handful of snacks available for purchase.

5. Wasserhund Brewing Company
1805 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA

Back to Virginia Beach for this brewery, which is also a restaurant! There is a full menu, with plenty of pizza options and cinnamon fried dough bites. Need I say more?! This brewery made the list, mostly for the food options, if I am being perfectly honest.

The beer, in my opinion, is just “okay.” It’s definitely better than your average draft, but nothing extra special. The environment is what makes Wasserhund round out my list. It’s low key, with a bottle cap bar top and lots of draft options. Plus, every Tuesday, they have a batch of “Puppy Litter,” which is an experimental specialty beer. We have yet to make it in time to grab a glass before it sells out, but one day I swear we will!

Visiting breweries is one of our favorite things to do and we plan on exploring a lot more in the area! If you are interested in breweries we visited in Richmond, VA, check out that recap here.

As always, leave a comment below! Let me know what beer style you enjoy, what breweries we need to visit, etc.!

Have a great weekend!!

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