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Hey, friends! I’m back after an unplanned 3-week hiatus, but feeling refreshed and ready to get back in the groove of things. This summer, I have felt more like blogging when I feel like it and not being tied down to posting weekly or multiple times a week. I didn’t want to have to search for content, or just write because I felt the need to keep a consistent schedule. Relaxed is probably the right word to describe by blogging style lately, and that’s probably a very good thing.

Okay, now that I have rambled a lot, you’re probably here to find out why I chose to become a Beautycounter consultant! Because why, on top of a full time job and this blog, would I feel the need to add more to my plate. Well, ladies and gentlemen, there are two main reasons that I will delve into below. Additionally, Jarrett is about to start nursing school and I’m assuming I’m going to have much more time alone. For somebody who almost always feels the need to be productive (really, I’m working on it), I needed something else to occupy my time.

So, here’s why I chose to become a Beautycounter consultant. I love the products, and I feel safe using them. Plus, now that I know the dirty details of the skincare industry, I cannot go back to what I was previously using. More on that below. And, with Jarrett going to school, we are looking at more expenses and less income. You feel me?

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Want to learn about safer skincare? Check out why I decided to use and join Beautycounter as a consultant. #betterbeauty #cleanbeauty

Reason #1: I Believe in Beautycounter’s Mission

Beautycounter’s mission is “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” A couple years ago, a few of the people that I follow on Instagram and/or Youtube were discussing “clean living,” or trying to eliminate as many toxins as they could from their daily lives. Many remarked on how it affects your health, and specifically women’s fertility. Now, we are definitely not trying to start a family at this point, however, if there are chemicals out there that can alter my ability to conceive in the future, I don’t want them around or on me. Plain and simple.

Try the all new anti-aging line, Countertime, from Beautycounter! Featuring a plant-derived retinatural complex, instead of retinol for the health of your skin.
The brand-new anti-aging skincare system, with a plant-derived Retinatural complex. Safer than retinol!

I started by investigating beauty and household products using the EWG website and their guides, in which they rate products based on consumer safety. Check out the Skin Deep Cosmetics guide here. And to be honest, I was shocked! Some of the products that I thought were pretty “clean,” were ranked horribly!

Over the past year, I have gradually been trying to change out our current products, for safer/cleaner alternatives. Beautycounter products now make up the majority of my skincare routine, and I have been changing out laundry/cleaning solutions as they run out. I’m still stuck on a natural deodorant and shampoo, so if you have ones you like, let me know!

Favorite Beautycounter products include the Number 1 Oil, and moisturizers from the Countermatch line.
Just a few of my favorite products!

Reason #2: They Present a Profitable Business Opportunity

Okay, so nobody actually wants to talk about money. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you make, there’s something about discussing finances that makes everyone a bit squeamish. Ha! But, there is no point in avoiding the subject. To put it plainly, I looked at this as a financial opportunity. With Jarrett starting up nursing school, and therefore working less, the extra cash coming in is certainly not going to hurt. This girl has student loans to pay off and a bank account to build up, to hopefully purchase a home in the next couple years. 

So, how does Beautycounter compensate financially? Beautycounter uses consultants to educate and sell products to potential clients. It is not, however, a requirement to purchase products through a consultant. There is an independent website and multiple stores that sell Beautycounter, if you do not wish to purchase through someone like myself. For every purchase a client makes through a consultant, that consultant receives a percent commission. 

Additionally, there are bonus opportunities that can increase your paycheck. The amount of money you make is up to the work you put in to building your business. Just want a little extra cash to enjoy a dinner out? You’re all set. Want to turn this into an opportunity to work from home when you have young children? Start from the bottom and work up. Not going to lie, I would love if this happened for me in the next 3-4 years. 

Facts about Why Beautycounter is Different From Other Skincare Companies

Alright, friends. Here are the dirty details that you may not want to acknowledge, but that you should definitely know.

The United States has not passed a major federal law regarding regulation of personal care products/governing the cosmetics industry since 1938. That’s insane!

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, many of which do not have any safety data.

The European Union has banned/restricted 1,400 ingredients from personal care products. The United States has only banned/restricted 30. Think about that. Beautycounter has a Never List, over 1,500 questionable ingredients that will never be used in their products.

The FDA does not have the authority to remove harmful ingredients from the products we use daily.

Studies have shown that serious health issues, including cancer, infertility, and asthma, are on the rise and linked to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals.

Want safer makeup products? Beautycounter's Dew Skin tinted moisturizer will not disappoint.
One of the most highly rated, best-selling make up products at Beautycounter!

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So, now you have learned a bit about why I care about non-toxic personal care products, why I chose Beautycounter specifically, and what it can financially do for me (and you!) If you are interested in the products, please check out the website. Contact me with any questions or if you would like recommendations! Want to be more invested? Join as a consultant! You can either join my team or start off on your own. 

A full FAQ blog post on Beautycounter will be hitting the blog soon. I just wanted to make sure I got this information out there while the Friends & Family discount is going on. This is such a wonderful opportunity to try out a new product, stock up on items you love, or join the company as a consultant. Who doesn’t love 15% off?! Be sure to purchase between August 6 and the 12th to take advantage of this rare opportunity. 

Want to learn about safer skincare? Check out why I decided to use and join Beautycounter as a consultant. #betterbeauty #cleanbeauty
Want to learn about safer skincare? Check out why I decided to use and join Beautycounter as a consultant. #betterbeauty #cleanbeauty

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