15 Top Tips to Save Money

Hey hey! I recently did a few polls on my Instagram, asking about the sensitive subject: money. The majority of responses indicated that people were unsatisfied with the amount of money they make, unwilling to start a side hustle to make more money, and trying to pay down debt while saving for a large purchase, like a home. Quite a tough situation. How do you expect to make more money and save, if you are unwilling to have a second job/side hustle? Well, I’m going to be sharing my top 15 tips to save money. Because, that my friends, is the only way you are going to have more money without making more money. Make cents? Ha!

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15 top tips to save money now! Simple steps to get you bulking your bank account and paying down debt.

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This is so important!! If you do not know where your money is going, how can you know where to cut back in order to save? I have used Excel and/or apps to help track a monthly budget. It takes a little getting used to, but once it becomes habit it’s easy. And I found it shocking to see where our money is going! We spend way too much on groceries and I’m planning on working on cutting that spending in the next couple weeks.

I currently use EveryDollar to budget from my phone. I also have my bank and credit card’s apps on my phone to check my spending on the go.

Make Payments on Time (including your Credit Card)

Never pay late fees! It is money that you are just throwing away. If you need to schedule automatic payments in order to avoid this, do that. And don’t think of a credit card as free money. The interest rates on credit cards are insanely high and you don’t want to be paying for that new computer for the next year, right?

Cut Your Grocery Bill

This one is so hard for us! I try to purchase things that are on sale, and I make a meal plan for the week. But, here are a few things I could be doing better:

Shop your pantry. Check out what you have in stock before going to the grocery store. Keep track of what is going to expire soon and make sure to put that item to use in your weekly plan.

Cutting your grocery bill is one of the biggest tips to save money!

Don’t shop hungry or impulse buy. If you need to, use grocery store pick-up services to avoid grabbing something extra off the shelf.

Stock up on expensive items when they are on sale (especially meat), if you have freezer space.


Unsubscribe from those automatic monthly services that you forgot you had or that you don’t use! I’m looking at the person who has a gym membership but prefers to workout at home from free Youtube videos anyways.

And unsubscribe from those emails! I know you get emails from American Eagle, or Loft, or wherever, and those can trigger you to buy something. Listen, it’s something you don’t need. So just hit “unsubscribe” and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on something every time an email hits your inbox. This is by far one of my favorite tips to save money!

Pack Your Lunch and Use a Water Bottle

If you spent $10 every work day, for a year, that’s $2600! That’s insane! That could pay for student loans, or be put directly into a savings account for that future house down-payment.

Have No-Spend Days

This is something else I want to start implementing! Having no-spend days, weeks, even months, is something that has been proven to save people a ton of money! Obviously, you are going to pay your rent, utilities, etc. However, no impulse buys, no ice cream just because you want it, etc. I think this would be pretty hard, but it shows you what you actually need and what you don’t, all while saving you lots of money.

Invite Friends Over

Game night and frozen pizza work for you guys? I bet your friends wouldn’t turn down a fun hangout, while also saving money on their end. Make it a little fancier and do pot luck, or appetizers, or whatever. But the activities you do and the food you eat at home are going to be less expensive. Plain and simple.

Trying to save a little money? Invite friends over for dinner and have every bring a dish! For other tips to save money, check out www.willdaytripfordonuts.com

Stop Paying For Things You Don’t Use

This is like #4, but it needed to be repeated. Are you sure you need Hulu and Netflix and Amazon Prime? My guess is you don’t. Did you know that you can cancel a subscription and start right back up later, without any fees? If you’re watching a series on Netflix that you know will take a couple months, just go ahead and pause the other services.

Get Out of the “Treat Yo Self” Mindset

Another hard tip, but you can’t avoid it. If you want to get out of debt and start saving money, you have to suck it up buttercup. Understand that you may have a few years of less “treat yo self” and more “I don’t actually need that” in order to get ahead. When you’re debt-free, you can treat yourself to something big!

Sell Items You Are Not Using

Everyone has something laying around their house that they don’t use, right? Flock to Amazon Marketplace or Craigslist and get rid of your junk, while making a little cash.

I also love using ThredUp, to get rid of clothing I no longer wear, in exchange for credit on the site. ThredUp is an online clothing thrift store and you can find great steals! If you click this link, you’ll get $10 to spend on your first order!

Save Your Change

Pennies add up people! Throw your spare change in a jar and eventually you’ll have some decent money. This is such an easy tip to save money!

One small tip to save money is to keep track of your change! It all adds up! For other money-saving tips, check out www.willdaytripfordonuts.com

Share With Friends

This can be applied to so many situations! Amazon prime lets you ship to multiple addresses and keep more than one card on file. You can share Hulu/Netflix accounts. You can carpool. You can swap books. You get the idea. Sharing is caring and it helps keep everyone’s costs down.

Cancel Cable

Does anyone actually watch cable? We finally cancelled it this year and do not miss it one bit.

Buy Re-Usable

Think grocery bags, a water bottle, stasher bags for snacks, a lunchbox, dryer balls, etc. The less you throw away, the more money you get to keep. It may be more expensive up front, but in the long run, you will save money. (And help the environment).

Use a Credit Card with Perks

Okay, this only applies if you follow #2. If you make sure to pay off your credit card and never carry a balance that translates into interest, you can make money. We have the Capital One Venture Rewards card and love it! It does have a small annual fee, however we get enough travel rewards off of the card to make it worth it. Honestly, I don’t think we have had to fully pay for a flight in the last 3 years. I know our rewards completely covered our round-trip flights for our honeymoon to Belize.

Not into travel? You can get credit cards with cash back!

What if you want to make a little extra money?

Be sure to check out the blog post I linked above, for little changes you can add into your routine to make cash back on purchases!

Also, consider starting that side hustle! I know you may be scared of failure, but now’s the time to take the leap. Want to join me as a consultant with Beautycounter? I made $178 in my first month, with pretty minimal effort. I’m working with a company that I believe in, using products that I really like, and making money. Pretty excited about that. Check out my post all about becoming a Beautycounter consultant for more information. 🙂

I hope you found value in these tips to save money! Have something you do that works? Let me know in the comments!

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