10 Ways to Get Healthier in Less than 10 Minutes

Hey, hey friends! I am really excited about this post because a) everyone has 10 minutes a day, and b) everyone wants to get healthier. Am I right, or am I right? So, I quickly came up with 10 ways to get healthier in less than 10 minutes! Some of these tips are physical health, some mental, some more beauty, etc. All relate to wanting to feel your best though!

What do you do on a regular/daily basis to feel great? All of these tips are things that I do daily. Some started recently and some I have been doing for years. Plus, they are all easy peasy! Alright, no further delays. Here are my top 10 ways to get healthier in less than 10 minutes. 🙂

How to get healthier in ten minutes! Check out my top 10 tips to becoming a healthier you! See what you can accomplish in under 10 minutes.

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Tip #1: Stretch

Everyone knows this and nobody does it. I bet most of you are good about fitting in a workout, because you know just how important it is to build muscle and keep your heart pumping! However, many neglect stretching post-workout and that is just as important! I know you want to remain injury free and flexibility plays a huge role in that. Take 5-10 minutes after your workout to stretch things out and I promise you will feel amazing.

Tip #2: Walk More

Top 10 ways to get healthier in 10 minutes! Walk more!

Another simple task that people seem to forget about. I wear a fitness tracker and am so disappointed in myself if I don’t hit 10k steps a day. Ha! If you are at all competitive, get yourself a fitness watch and set that goal. It feels so good to see your watch send off fireworks in congratulations!

If you can’t get 10k steps a day, I get it, life gets busy. Try to add in a 10 minute walk on your lunch break, or park further away in the grocery store lot. Little changes make a big difference.

Tip #3: Drink your superfoods

I have talked about this superfoods supplement on a number of my “favorites” recaps because I love it! It doesn’t taste like straight up dirt, first of all, which is a serious plus. The supplement I take has a pleasant fruity taste and I feel like I am pure health when I drink it. This is something small that makes me feel like I am actually taking into account what my body runs best on.

Drink your superfoods! Get healthier in these ten steps under ten minutes!

If you find yourself struggling to get in the recommended number of veggies (and I mean, who doesn’t find this difficult), I highly recommend trying this out. It helps with digestion, if you know what I mean. Ha!

Tip #4: Take vitamins

Another one that becomes important as you age. I grew up on those Flintstones vitamins (anyone else?!) and honestly have not outgrown gummy multivitamins yet. 28 going on 8!

Recently, I added a magnesium supplement because it is supposed to help with sleep (and potentially digestion). Anything to beat that bloat!

What vitamins do you take? Have you tried Care Of, because I am curious about it!

Tip #5: Pack your lunch

This is such an easy way to stay healthy throughout your work day. I almost always pack my lunch the night before, which makes my morning routine so much easier. Plus, it helps you save that cash money! All big things in my opinion. So pack yourself that healthy lunch, and maybe leave room for a little treat.

Tip #6: Apply lotion after a shower

Okay, so this is definitely more “healthy on the outside,” but I am a big proponent of taking care of your skin in general. You don’t want to age faster than you have to, right?! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. This goes for sunscreen too. Just lotion up.

Tip #7: Floss

Ugh, flossing. I mean, no one likes it. Everyone knows you should do it. I went years without flossing, but I was eventually sick of the disappointment on my dentist’s face when my gums would inevitably bleed. Gross, I know. Flossing literally takes 2 minutes and gum health is very important to your overall health.

Ten ways to get healthier in under 10 minutes! Try teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant.

If you have extra time, you could do some teeth-whitening as well! Check out my experience with Smile Brilliant.

Tip #8: Drink more water

Water is essential to your function as a human being. I can’t be clearer than that. If you are reading this, chug some water for 10 seconds. I dare you. Now, in a few minutes, do it again. I am obsessed with my Nalgene water bottle because it lets me track how much I am drinking throughout the day. You know it’s good for you, so just do it. Flavor it with whatever you need to get it down. Okay, now chug again.

Tip #9: Have makeup-free days

This is typically Sunday for me, but any day you can let your skin breathe is a great day! I don’t wear much makeup in general, but give your skin the break it deserves. This goes for your hair too! Put down the straightener or blow dryer.

Tip #10: Relax

Top ten ways to get healthier in under ten minutes! Relax!

Okay, relaxing is one of the hardest things for me! I am the type of person that feels accomplished when I check off a list. So, sitting down and “doing nothing” is not the easiest. However, it is so important for your mental health to just “let go.” Meditate if that’s what your into, take a quick power nap, listen to some relaxing music, etc. Take 10 minutes to unwind and you will feel re-energized and ready to take on the rest of your day. I promise.

Bonus Tip: Establish a sleep routine! Learn all about proper sleep hygiene and why it’s so important over at Tuck!

Want to get healthier in under 10 minutes? Check out these top 10 tips for physical and mental wellness!

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