Wedding Cake: Worth the Cost?

Good morning, happy Thursday! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day, whether that was celebrating with your girls, family, or significant others. Although I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person, I like having a day to more formally acknowledge the extra special people in my life. Just don’t forget to let them know you love them on the regular too 😊

I hope you are in the mood for something sweet today (and didn’t OD on V-day sale candy), because I’m talking all about wedding cakes. Are they worth it? Do people eat them? What are we doing?

Let me know your opinion in the comments below! Did you have a wedding cake? Was it worth the cost?

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Cake Tasting

First and foremost, I love dessert. If you have been following along here for a bit or just happened to notice my blog name, you probably already came to that conclusion. So when it came time for wedding cake tasting, I was pumped! I had scrolled through Pinterest, found my inspiration, and was ready to tackle the tasting.

We ended up going to two cake tastings, one in October and one in December. Both were scheduled around when we were in NH for various holidays or other wedding planning. And both bakeries were incredible!

The Before…


The After…

Frederick’s Pastry in Bedford, NH was our first stop. I chatted a bit about this in a previous blog post, which can be found here. Jacques Pastry in Pembroke, NH was round two and also amazing! While Jarrett and I both like almost all of the cake we tried, we ultimately decided not to purchase a wedding cake from either of these locations.

Why We Did Not Order From a Bakery

When we initially started picturing our wedding, we had decided that the wedding cake was always going to be a secondary dessert, more for the tradition of cutting one. We both love cake, but it is not our favorite treat and we want to personalize as much as possible when it comes to our reception.

After going to these bakeries and hearing the price of a cake, we decided we would rather spend that money elsewhere. This may not be a super popular opinion, but I feel like the trend towards other desserts is skyrocketing! And we are all aboard that train.

What We Are Serving

We still want the tradition of cutting a wedding cake, so Whole Foods bakery here we come. I love that we can choose a few smaller, 1-2 tiered flavors and display them on pretty cake stands!  We get the luxury of having multiple flavors, with the benefit of not spending a fortune.

Our main dessert is going to be…. DONUTS! I know this is super trendy on Pinterest at the moment, but come on. How could we not serve my favorite food? Now the hard part is determining flavors and how to display them!

Dessert Bar Inspiration

Cake also not your thing or just want to avoid spending a small fortune on one from a gourmet bakery? Check out these ideas for alternative desserts.

How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

If you are dead set on having a fancy wedding cake and want to keep costs down, there are a few options.

Option #1: Get that fancy wedding cake, but in a scaled down version. Do you honestly think every single one of your guests is going to want a piece? Probably not.

Option #2: Serve the top layer of your cake! I know the tradition is to freeze that bad boy and eat it on your one-year anniversary. Tell me married ladies, does it actually still taste good? I recommend serving the top layer and ordering a fresh, replica of that cake from the same bakery for your anniversary. Still gives you all the feels, but maybe not the food poisoning? I’m being dramatic, I know 🙂

Option #3: Have a few fake layers and serve sheet cake! You heard me right. Bakeries can create non-edible layers to make your cake appear more extravagant. It would all be decorated just the same, but only some of the cake is real. Then, just bring it out back and serve a less expensive sheet cake. All of your guests receive a piece and you save $$$.

Option #4: Keep it simple! Have that big, beautiful cake, but keep the decorating to a minimum. Bakeries charge for the time it cakes to design that bad boy, so keeping it simple decreases the number of hours needed to create that confection. Also, don’t purchase flowers from the bakery. You can throw a rose or two on the side and make it gorgeous by yourself!

Option #5: Decide you really want to spend money on the fancy wedding cake of your dreams and penny pinch somewhere else in your budget. Or get a second (maybe third) job to cover that dream.

I hope you got a little inspiration for your own wedding dessert bar, or maybe this confirmed that you really want that dreamy, fairytale wedding cake! Be sure to follow my Pinterest here for other wedding inspiration!

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