Top Tips to Prepare for a Weekend Trip

Hello, hello! It has been a bit since I was here and I apologize for that. I just wasn’t feeling particularly inspired to get on here. I don’t want to just give you a bunch of fluff, just to publish something weekly. So here we are, with another travel post. Because let’s be real, these are my favorite to read and write!

Jarrett and I are heading to Asheville, North Carolina, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We leave Thursday and I am so excited to explore “Beer City USA” and get in some hiking! With that, I thought I would share my top tips to prepare for a weekend trip! Here’s a breakdown of what I do leading up to our trip, to make it as stress-free as possible.

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Going away for a weekend trip? Check out my top tips for staying organized and having the best mini vacation!

1 Week Before Vacation

  • Write your packing list. I am a planner and really thrive off of lists. Lists keep you organized and I know you don’t want to get to your destination, only to realize that you left your sunglasses or your phone charger. Writing a list this far in advance gives you enough time to purchase items you may not have, but need.
  • Following the above step, purchase anything you need for your trip.
  • Make any remaining reservations. This could be anything from restaurants you really want to try, to activities that require a ticket. By now, you probably have accommodations, but if not, do that too!
  • Confirm pet sitter (if you have pets). We have two cats, which makes going away for a weekend fairly easy. Especially because we have an automatic feeder for them! We will be gone for 4 days, so we have a friend popping in a couple times to check on Axle and Beanie.

Tips for A Few Days Before Your Weekend Trip

  • Start packing! Or at least start organizing. If you have items that wrinkle, save those for closer to when you’re actually leaving. But now is a great time to check the weather and pull things from your closet accordingly.
  • Speaking of weather- make any last minute changes to your plans as needed. Did you think you were going to be hiking in perfect 80 degree weather, only to find that it’s supposed to be rainy and 60? Find an alternative now so you aren’t disappointed and bored if the weather ends up that way.
  • Get snacks! We are going on a road trip, and you know that is not complete without a bunch of snacks. I, particularly, need a mix of salty, sweet, sour, and chocolate. I’m needy, what can I say? Ha! Jarrett also requested trail mix for our hiking plans, so I grabbed all of those goodies from Target.
  • Make a playlist. This is probably most relevant for a road trip, but maybe you won’t have wifi where you’re heading and you want a few jams. Download that music now and you’ll be all set for your weekend.

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Going away for a weekend trip? Check out my top tips for staying organized and having the best mini vacation!

The Day Before Your Weekend Trip

  • Clean. I highly recommend that you do a quick sweep, wipe down counters, etc. I don’t think anyone likes coming home to a dirty apartment, especially after being tired from travel.
  • Dishes/Laundry. This goes with the above point. Especially laundry. You are already going to have clothing to wash when you get back, so having an empty hamper before you leave will help!
  • Throw out food that will expire while away. Longer vacations may be susceptible to this issue. I just suggest you do a quick sweep of your fridge. Throw out or freeze any leftovers that will spoil while you’re gone.
  • Organize toiletries and be aware of any flying regulations if you’re reaching your destination via airplane!
  • Print off any travel paperwork that you need.
  • Gas up the car if your weekend trip is a road trip!

The Morning of Your Weekend Trip

  • Pack remaining toiletries/electronics.
  • Take out the trash/run the dishwasher.
  • Make sure pets are taken care of for the time in between your departure and a sitter.
  • One last glance over your packing list.
  • Get very excited to be going on a mini vacation!

I hope these tips to prepare for a weekend trip were helpful for you! These are just things I like to do leading up to a vacation in order to be prepared! It is always nice to later come back to a clean environment. Tell me where you are traveling next!

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