Top 10 Websites For Booking Travel Around the World

Hey friends! I hope you had a great weekend, that hopefully involved some sunshine, great food, and maybe some travel! Today, I wanted to roundup some of my top travel websites, including where I go for travel deals, destination information, and trip inspiration.

I hope you all find this information helpful and that it inspires you to start planning an adventure of your own! Let me know what top travel websites you depend on when it comes to booking travel. Did I miss any that you use regularly?

Top ten websites for booking travel around the world, including inspiration and ways to save money!

For Travel Inspiration

If you are like me, and want to go everywhere in the world, check out the following top travel websites for serious inspiration and ideas!

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Do yourself a favor and sign up for emails from this website. This site sends email alerts when there are significantly discounted flights available to destinations around the world! I am not a premium member, mostly because I do not have a job (or an income) that would allow me to travel wherever, whenever. The premium membership gives you access to many more flights, but the free subscription sends multiple deals a week. This past week, you could have booked roundtrip flights from NYC to Peru for under $700!

Tulum, Mexico. Top websites for booking travel.
Tulum Ruins, Mexico January 2017

Somewhere Devine

If you want to watch the most amazing travel diary videos, you need to subscribe to Somewhere Devine on Youtube. They also have a website, which can be reached here! There are blog posts about all their past adventures and they even have service expeditions that you can join! If you have a lazy afternoon in your future, spend it with this family. They could not be cuter and my only wish in life is to be them! Ha!

For Travel Information

Once you have narrowed down your ideal destinations, turn to these top travel websites for information about those locations! Need to know when is the best time to visit South America? How about what food you can expect to try? These are the places you want to go, if you want to be prepared.

Madrid, Spain, Top websites for booking travel and vacation inspiration.
Madrid, Spain May 2016

Nomadic Matt

I stumbled upon this website rather recently, when I was doing some research for our honeymoon destination: Belize! This website has travel guides for so many countries and is a wealth of knowledge about how to travel cheaply.


This is a well-known travel resource and you have likely seen the Frommer’s Travel Guides available in Barnes & Noble. That is if you spend your free time in bookstores, like I do 😊

I try to keep my travel costs down where I can, and therefore, prefer to access free information when possible! This website has suggested itineraries, restaurant recommendations, and trip planning tips for so many destinations around the globe!

Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Top websites for booking and travel inspiration.
Mayan Riviera, January 2017


Tripadvisor is where I start most of my travel research and if you haven’t heard of this website, where have you been?? Research almost any city or country in the world and read reviews from real travelers! Does a hotel look too good to be true? Check out pictures that previous visitors have uploaded.

Tripadvisor also compares prices from multiple websites to guarantee you get the best price when you decide to book!

For Booking Flights

Airfare Watch Dog

If you have plenty of time to book flights, I suggest using this website. You can register to receive email alerts for specific routes, like from Boston to Miami, and they will email you when the fare drops!

Mexico vacation. Top ten websites for booking vacations and travel inspiration.
Mexico, January 2017


I also love using this website to research and book flights. If you are still undecided on where in the world you want to visit, there is a map that shows hundreds of routes and fares from your home airport.

For Booking Accommodations


I mentioned this top travel website above, but it is primarily how I book hotels these days. It accesses so much information from other sites and compiles it into one, making it incredibly dependable and easy to get the best pricing.

Seville, Spain. Check out my top ten websites for all things travel.
Sevilla, Spain May 2016


Hotels not your thing? I love using Airbnb for travel! When I went to Spain a few years ago, we primarily stayed in Airbnbs. There is something about staying in a house when traveling that makes things cozy. It’s also so nice to have a kitchen and potentially laundry access, when you are trying to save a little money. Every renter I have encountered has been wonderful and so accommodating!

For Everything Else


Want to see the culture and explore the country when you travel? We love doing excursions and I have used this company multiple times, in multiple destinations worldwide. There is a ridiculous amount of variety to choose from in terms of activities, with reviews and various pricing options.

This website has everything! You can book flights, accommodations, car rentals, etc. Plus, they have blog posts to inspire your next vacation! Additionally, you can get cash-back if you use *Ebates while shopping on

*I spoke all about my top apps to save money here!

For my other posts on travel, click here!

Hope you all enjoyed this information and feel a little more comfortable with planning and booking future travel!

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