The Best Products and Services From 2018

Hey friends, happy Tuesday! Today, I’m bringing you a post all about the best products and services from 2018. I tried and tested a bunch of new lifestyle items, recipes, skincare, etc. Plus, I listened to a number of podcasts, watched television, read books… You name it, I tried it in 2018. So, basically I’m telling you that if it made this list, you need it in your life! Let’s jump on into this post for the best products and services from 2018.

best products you need in 2019

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You guys probably already know this, but oatmeal is my jam. Specifically egg white oatmeal. Yes, it sounds gross, but I promise you it is amazing!

egg white oatmeal favorites

Combine dry quick oats and chia seeds with equal part liquid egg whites and water. Microwave for 2.5-3 minutes, stirring approximately every 45 seconds. Then, I stick a spoonful of peanut butter in the middle of the bowl and top with mini chocolate chips.

Now, the key is to let the peanut butter melt while the oatmeal cools and thickens. Then, you can top with fruit! If you top with berries while the oatmeal is too hot, it gets watery. Not the best.


oreo flavors

2018 was definitely the year of Oreo obsession for me! In terms of new flavors, I would rank them as follows: Peanut Butter Pie, Peppermint Bark, Strawberry Shortcake, and Kettle Corn. I am so excited to try Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake, which were both just released!

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

This may be a bit TMI, but, everyone has digestive issues, right? Let me just tell you, this superfoods powder helped relieve that! If you struggle with bloating or just generally feel kinda “icky”, try this out. I get the berry flavored mix, which I actually enjoy drinking. It does not taste like dirt in any way. Ha!

greens superfood digestion favorite

I also started to notice a change in my overall skin health once I added this to my routine in 2018. Purchase it and know that you are getting a bunch of essential nutrients, plus it’ll decrease your bloat.


Aerie Sweaters

Aerie cozy sweater

Aerie always make the coziest clothing, but I loved their chunky sweaters from this past fall. They also tend to have frequent sales, which is amazing! This sweater, in particular, was my favorite and it comes in a number of colors! I would recommend down-sizing for this one though.

One-Piece Bathing Suit by Cupshe

favorite one-piece bathing suit cupshe

This might be my ultimate favorite product from 2018! I mentioned this in a previous favorites post, but ladies, I liked how my body looked in this swimsuit the minute I put it on! You know that almost never happens. The straps are adjustable, which makes it perfect no matter how long or short your torso is. Plus, you can alter the amount of cleavage based on the straps as well.

I wore this on our honeymoon. My husband loved it and I felt amazing in it, so get one! It’s an incredibly affordable suit and it was not see-through at all when wet.

Update March 21, 2019: Cupshe has a great sale going on and it’s the perfect time to stock up for warmer weather! There are tons of bathing suits under $40, with free shipping!

Beauty Products

Raw Sugar Body Wash

raw sugar lemon body wash

I think I’m on bottle number 3 or 4 for the year, so this is a definite favorite. One goal is to clean up my household products in terms of chemicals, and while this isn’t perfect, it is definitely better than what I was previously using.

Also, it smells incredible! I started off with lemon sugar and am now loving vanilla bean & sugar.

Young Living Essential Oils

These aren’t really beauty products, but I didn’t know where else to stick this. Haha! I am really just starting to get into the uses of essential oils, and primarily use them to diffuse for scents. I would love to know more about them, and Young Living in particular, if you have anything to educate me on or with!

Favorites include Thieves, Peppermint, and Christmas Spirit!

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Alcohol-free Toner

Thayer's witch hazel toner skincare must-buy

I credit this toner with changing up my skincare regimen! You hear about all of these must-have skincare products, but there are so many and it gets overwhelming! This is such an inexpensive product, that I bit the bullet and purchased it just to see. And, you guys, it is both disgusting and fascinating how much extra dirt this gets off of your skin. Even after cleansing!

If you are trying to improve your skincare routine in 2019, you need to get this product ASAP.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

2018 was the year of washing my hair less. Therefore, it was also the year of testing out numerous dry shampoos! And, my friends, Batiste was the winner by a landslide.

I particularly like the “fresh and clean” version, but I haven’t had a problem with any of the scents I tried. It can leave a small white residue, but just make sure to really work it into your roots with your fingers and you shouldn’t have an issue. Plus, I have dark hair, so if you have blonde hair, you probably don’t have this issue.



Jenna Kutcher Goal Digger Podcast

Podcasts in general were a big discovery for me in 2018. They make the long road trips and my traffic-filled drives to work so much better! I think my ultimate favorite is The Goal Digger Podcast. But, I also love The Health Code and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.

Married at First Sight

Ah, reality television. Some people live for it and other people despise it. In general, I kind of toe the line, but I will admit to being obsessed with Married at First Sight. I have watched a number of the seasons and am embarrassed to admit how excited I was for this current season to start. Ha! Jarrett does not understand my love for this show, but I don’t understand his love for World of Warcraft.

If you enjoy dating shows, this is just a bit more extreme. Couples get legally married and meet for the first time at the altar! Watch on Lifetime or Hulu. 🙂

Madeline Moves

2018 was the year of getting bored at the gym. I was in a good routine leading up to our wedding in June, but then kind of let good habits slide when we returned from our honeymoon. I follow Madeline Moves on Instagram and love her workout routines. She has her own fitness app, which you can purchase for $20 per month. It is circuit-style training, and was the kick-in-the-butt I needed to really start enjoying the gym again.

Plus, she is running a program called Tighter Together, which began yesterday. It’s a four-week program with custom macros and new workouts. Kicking my year off with a little fat loss sounds good to me!

I hope you guys enjoyed this round-up of the best products and services from 2018! Let me know if you have tried these products and agree, or if there is something you are going to try!

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best products and services from 2019
best products and services from 2018

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