The Best Desserts in Norfolk, Virginia

Hey, hey, friends, and happy Wednesday! We have continued to have very busy weekends since we moved earlier this month, so I apologize for not having a regular posting schedule just yet. If you have been around for a bit, then you know I live for good food. I’m not a picky eater by any standard, but I do take my food ratings seriously. Ha!

So, today’s post is all about where to get the best desserts in Norfolk, Virginia! I know that I have not explored all that Norfolk has to offer in terms of desserts, however these are my current favorites! Feel free to enlighten me in the comments below if there is a dessert I missed or if you think another restaurant should win that category!

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Best Desserts in Norfolk Virginia

Visiting Norfolk or Virginia Beach and want to know where to get the best dessert? Check out my favorite places for sweet treats and the goodies you can't miss when you visit Virginia!

Gelato: Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Gelato is one of the best desserts in Norfolk, Virginia! Definitely do not skip on this amazing ice cream shop!

If you want real, authentic, super creamy gelato, Strawberry Fields is the only place you need. The shop is tiny, so plan on grabbing your scoop to go. Flavors rotate and are always incredible! If they have strawberry cheesecake or milk & honey when you pop in, I would 100% go with those. But, if you are more into classic flavors, regular old chocolate was so good!

Brownie: Yorgo’s Bageldashery

Okay, so a patient recently brought me this brownie from Yorgo’s because she was going on and on about how I had to try it. And she was so right! First of all, the brownie was gigantic! I’m talking at least triple a normal sized brownie. Second, it had chocolate chunks in it. Swoon. Perfectly fudgy with the surprise of a chocolate chunk? Sign me up! Good news and bad news: it’s within walking distance from my new place.

Chocolate Chip Cookie: Chocollage

I think this bakery is just generally amazing, but I really love their chocolate chip cookie! Not a ton to say other than its a classic. Perfect consistency, the right amount of chocolate chips, and not crazy expensive. If you are walking around Downtown Norfolk, may sure you swing by this place!

Macaron: Hummingbird

Make sure to get a macaron from Hummingbird when you go on your search for the best desserts in Norfolk, Virginia!

I have spoken about my love for these macarons before and that love is still going strong. Hummingbird recently switched locations and is now situated inside of the Pagoda, which is a really cool Asian-inspired building within a garden near Downtown Norfolk. Flavors rotate daily, but chocolate birthday is still holding onto the #1 spot for me!

Glazed Donut: Naas Bakery

The perfect glazed donut from Naas Bakery in Norfolk, Virginia!

You know I take my donuts very seriously, just based off of the name of this blog! Ha! So, when I’m telling you that you need to get a glazed donut from Naas, I mean it. It was the thickest, yet fluffiest donut I have ever eaten. And I have consumed a lot of donuts, so that is really saying something. I feel like everyone like a good glazed donut, right?

Cinnamon Roll/Morning Bun: The Bakehouse at Chelsea

If you are on the hunt for the perfect, decadent breakfast pastry, you have come to the right place. The cinnamon rolls/morning buns at Bakehouse are gigantic and amazing! Now, be warned though: these are addictive and I do not take responsibility for your actions going forward. Ha! They also have tons of other pastries and breads, plus, I would rank their pizza as some of the best in Virginia!

Classic Ice Cream Sundae: Doumar’s

Looking for a cheap, but tasty ice cream sundae or waffle cone to take a break from the heat? Check out Doumar’s, the home of the original waffle cone! Now, I have not actually had a waffle cone, so I can only comment on the sundae. I tried the Coed Sundae, which was just vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and sliced bananas. So yummy! Plus, crazy cheap. The restaurant is “curb service” or you can sit inside the diner.

** Best Donuts: Duck Donuts

You can't miss Duck Donuts when you come to Norfolk or Virginia Beach!

I had to mention Duck Donuts, however they do not have a location in Norfolk! Check out their locations in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach for the best cake donuts! If you saw my recent blog post, you know that I am a Duck Donuts partner and I don’t think there is anything I want more in the world. Ha! I highly recommend s’mores, blueberry pancake, or just classic cinnamon sugar with vanilla drizzle. You really cannot go wrong.

Hope I fed your curiosity now and your stomaches soon! Let me know if you have tried any of these or if you have others you also love! These are definitely the best desserts in Norfolk, Virginia!

Visiting Norfolk or Virginia Beach and want to know where to get the best dessert? Check out my favorite places for sweet treats and the goodies you can't miss when you visit Virginia!

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