Talk About It Tuesday: Current Obsessions

Happy Tuesday! While I was trying to come up with more content for the rest of the calendar year, I realized something. Some of my favorite posts on other blogs are ones where they talk about what they are currently eating, obsessed with, wearing, etc. Kind of a wrap up of what they have going on in their lives at the moment. If you all are also interested in these types of posts, I may make this a monthly installment here on the blog.

Also, I’m going to do an Instagram poll to see how you all feel about Christmas posts before Thanksgiving. However, I wanted to also ask here: do you want gift guides to start rolling out now, or should I wait until December? I, personally, start holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, so I appreciate them beginning around this time. Any interest in a Black Friday Sales post?

Okay, let’s jump into the reason you’re here. I’m breaking down things I’m loving and looking forward to in the next couple weeks!

Currently Obsessed

Food Favorites


Egg-white oatmeal with peanut butter and berries

Alright, this is a constant favorite. Who was actually surprised? Probably no one. I have easily had this oatmeal for breakfast every day for 3-4 months. I combine liquid egg whites with the dry oats and chia seeds, along with water, to make the light and fluffy, and packed with protein! Top with peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, and fruit for the perfect bowl!


Jarrett requested cookies for his post-competition celebration and I found these cookies on Pinterest. I have never had the original Levain Bakery cookies, but these are darn good.


It has been getting cold in southern Virginia the past couple days, and that calls for chili! I don’t really use a recipe, but if anyone is interested in one, I can whip it together for a future post! In general, I throw ground beef, beans, tomato products, veggies, and spices into a dutch oven and hope for the best. Ha!


All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

All The Light We Cannot See

I just started reading it, but it a NY Times Bestseller and the Pulitzer Prize winner. It’s set in France during WW II and I think it will be a great, but more heavy, read.

Listening To

The Goal Digger Podcast

I spoke about this in my last favorite’s post, but it is my go-to on the way to and from work.


I may have also started listening to Christmas music. The Acoustic Christmas soundtrack is beautiful!

Celebrity Girl Crush

Jenna Kutcher

You probably could have guessed it based on the note above, but I am in love with all things Jenna Kutcher at the moment. She just seems incredibly down-to-earth, while also being a kick-ass business woman. Plus, she’s pregnant and just adorable! Let’s be honest, she is my biggest overall obsession at the moment. Ha!


Suits Season 2

Alright guys, this show is actually taking us a while to get through. Both Jarrett and I really enjoy it, but up until about a month ago, we had other shows we liked more. AKA Vampire Diaries and The 100. For some reason, even though we like the show, we never seem to watch more than one or two episodes at a time. I mean, in general, we don’t watch much television. We maybe get through 4 episodes a week? If you have other suggestions for Netflix or Amazon Prime, let me know! We clearly like fantasy/sci-fi based on what we just wrapped up.

Wind River

Jarrett and I watched this movie Sunday night. It’s available on Netflix and is a crime movie that I found entertaining! Not super scary, but definitely some drama.


Gap Sweaters and Lucky Brand Boots

I am obsessed with sweaters! Now that the temperatures are dropping into the 40s and 50s, I have been pulling on a sweater almost daily. I love being cozy and comfy, while staying warm.

Check out my post on top sweaters under $75 if you need a wardrobe refresh!

Working On

Holiday Gift Guides

I just want to know when you all want them available. Plus, do you want them broken down into men vs. women, or categories, like for the outdoorsman or home chef, etc.

Check out the guides from last year too. I just updated all of them with current links to similar or still available products!

Happy About

Jarrett just won his Strongman competition this past weekend! That qualified him for 2019 Nationals, which was one of his big goals for the year. If you are interested in watching his competition video, check it out here!

Looking Forward To


Everyone is probably looking forward to this holiday, but I am particularly excited because it means we will be back in New Hampshire! I cannot wait to celebrate by spending time with family and friends, while feasting on incredible food. Just the thought makes my heart happy 🙂

Elli’s Bridal Shower

My sister’s bridal shower is the Saturday after Thanksgiving! My mom and I picked an adorable theme, which we can’t disclose yet. But, I promise, when it is no longer a secret, I will share all of the details here on the blog.



Alright, time for you to tell me your answers to these! What are you currently obsessed with? Reading, wearing, looking forward to? Leave a comment below!

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