Summer 2018 Travel Plans

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? It’s both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, so you’re bound to be up to something good! Pending the weather, which seems to be changing by the minute, I think Jarrett and I will be heading to a brewery in the afternoon (surprise, surprise). If you missed my post on top breweries in Virginia Beach, be sure to check that out here. We’re heading to #2 🙂

Also, Jarrett has plans to pull a fire truck Saturday morning. Yes, a fire truck. The things guys find fun.

Today, I thought I would chat about our summer travel plans, because we are in need of some recommendations! The rest of the year is insanely busy, but should all be the fun kind of chaos. We are traveling at least once a month for the remainder of 2018 and it all starts Memorial Day Weekend.

Tell me where you are off to this summer and if you have been any of the places we are headed! I want to know the must-see and do activities, best restaurants, etc. Give me all the deets!

Before jumping into this post, have you caught up with my recent ones? Check out recipes I’ll be making this spring, spring wardrobe essentials, and my April favorites 🙂

summer 2018 travel plans

Summer 2018 Travel Plans


This Memorial Day Weekend, Jarrett and I will both be celebrating our bachelor and bachelorette parties! Neither of us actually know the destination of said party, but hopefully our friends know us well enough to make it fun… *cough, cough*

I know mine is “somewhere in New England” and the “cutest part of New England” according to my sister/MOH. Any guesses?? In any case, I know I am excited to spend some quality time with my besties! Plus, I am having my final wedding dress fitting the Tuesday after Memorial Day, so this will just be the best long weekend!

All Jarrett knows is that his is driving distance from Virginia Beach, so that leaves a lot of places as possibilities. Maybe Raleigh, NC? DC? Charlotte?



It’s wedding month! We will be heading up to NH on June 20th, for our wedding on the 23rd. Following the wedding, we will be heading out for our 10-day honeymoon to Belize. The first half of our trip will be spent on Caye Caulker, with the second half at a jungle lodge near San Ignacio.


We are incredibly excited, a) to get married, and b) to head to Belize! I have done my fair share of research on the country, because that’s just what I do, but would love any ideas on activities and restaurants. So far, we know we will snorkel at Shark Ray Alley, go night hiking in the jungle, and visit the Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala.


Towards the end of July, we are planning a long weekend trip up to New York City! Jarrett’s grandmother, who will unfortunately, not be able to make our wedding, lives in the Bronx. It will be a quick trip to visit her, and some other friends who will be living in the Brooklyn!

Honestly, NYC overwhelms me, but we will not have to be driving a car through the city, which causes most of my anxiety. Too many roadtrip horrors on the George Washington Bridge. Once I am in the city, I love the energy, the endless foodie finds, and the scenery. I mean, hello Central Park.


What are the things you love to do most in New York City? My guess is, we will spend a decent amount of time in Brooklyn and I have not really explored that borough before.


We will be spending the weekend in New Hampshire, mid-month, for a family wedding! We will not be there for long and will be pretty busy while we are back home, but we took Monday (8/20) off of work as well, to celebrate my birthday with family and friends! Yes, we will be flying back to VA on my actual birthday, but it will be so nice to be there for part of the day.

Have any of you traveled on your birthday? Do you love it or hate it?


Labor Day weekend we are thinking we might make it to Charleston, SC. Nothing is decided yet, but I know we want to explore the city before my sister gets married there in December! She moved there August 2017 and we have not yet made it down for a visit. Wedding week will be crazy, so I want to spend some quality time exploring before she moves out of state early 2019.

Have you ever been to Charleston? I have been told by so many people that it is the prettiest city they have ever been to.

It is also likely that at some point in September, I will be going somewhere for my sister’s bachelorette! Although I don’t think she has officially asked any of her bridesmaid’s yet, so Elli, if you are reading this, get on it so I can start planning! 🙂

I’m sure we will also sprinkle day-trips in here and there, such as Richmond or Williamsburg, VA. Maybe even a quick weekend to Charlottesville (which we love!) or down to Charlotte, NC!

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Tell me what you have planned for the summer! Any of the same trips?

Questions? Comments? Words of Advice?

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