Showered with Love at My Bridal Brunch

Happy Wednesday friends! I am coming to you feeling so accomplished after the past couple days. I feel like we checked many items off of the wedding to-do list, including sending out our invitations! Eek! Things are getting really real now haha

So, since I am currently riding a wedding high, I thought I would dive right into a re-cap of my bridal shower!

If you are new around here, welcome to my little corner of the universe! Looking to catch up on wedding posts? Check them out here. If you are all caught up, I’m impressed! I really appreciate you supporting this blog 😊

Bridal Brunch

My mom and sister/MOH, Elli, hosted my bridal shower at my parents’ house on March 31st and it was incredible! It was so much fun being surrounded by my favorite women in the world and I felt so loved.

We did not intentionally match by the way… guess we just know each other! My sister, Elli, is on the left, and my mom is on the right.

The shower had a “bridal brunch” theme, complete with mimosa bar, donut skewers, and more food than we could ever eat! We spent the early part of the morning getting organized and picking up last-minute items, like Panera bagels. Cinnamon crunch will forever be the holy grail of bagels for me! Anyone else feel the same love for a breakfast pastry as I do? No?

Guests started arriving around 11am and it was wonderful to have friends, family, and future in-laws in the same place. It gave me an idea of what wedding weekend will be like, especially because I felt like I chatted the whole time and didn’t eat very much!

My bridesmaids/besties!

About an hour into the festivities, the guests divided into four teams to compete for the best toilet paper wedding dress! I was the appointed judge, and therefore, did not participate. However, the ladies showed off their competitive sides and went to town, coming up with some creative options! My cousin, Josie, was the winner. Her gown was complete with a bouquet and garter!

The winner!

Following the games, everyone settled in for the gift portion of the afternoon. And let me tell you, it is not easy unwrapping gifts in front of so many people! Luckily, my bridesmaids and cousins helped speed along the process. Everyone was so generous! I was honestly a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to fit the presents in my SUV for the drive back to Virginia, but luckily Jarrett is the Tetris-master of packing cars.

Also, can we just observe this bow hat and bouquet? Both will be used for our rehearsal and came out so cute! If you didn’t know, the bows off of presents at the bridal shower usually get turned into a bouquet to use during your ceremony rehearsal. And, the number of bows/ribbons you break = the number of children you can expect!

I had the best time at my bridal brunch and cannot thank everyone enough for planning and coming to the party! One of my aunts mentioned that the bridal shower really kicks the wedding events into high-gear and she is so right! I feel like my bachelorette is just around the corner and the wedding will be here before we know it. 😊

Bridal Brunch Fast Facts

If you are trying to plan a Bridal Brunch, check out what we did for food, decorations, etc.

Carafes and sign from Hobby Lobby


Dunkin Donuts Munchkins, because I had to have donuts!

Food: Mimosa bar, Dunkin Donuts munchkins on skewers, assorted Panera bagels, yogurt, deli sandwiches, guacamole bruschetta, and a bunch of dessert! We had the best strawberry shortcake from Whole Foods, which is where we will be getting our assorted wedding cakes.

Favors: candles, chocolate with fortunes about love**

So fun (and also sad) fact; we all forgot to give out the favors! And they were so cute ☹ My mom spent a lot of time gathering fortunes about love and attached them all to individual bags of M&M’s. I think she was a little heartbroken that they were not given out.

Games: toilet paper wedding dress, advice jar for the bride & groom, and don’t say “wedding, bride, married.”

Decorations: wedding balloons (chosen by my Dad), fresh flowers, and a bunch of wedding décor from Hobby Lobby! My mom found these covers for champagne bottles and they could not be more adorable.


My sister is also getting married this year, so I will 100% be writing a post about how to plan a bridal shower! If you have any specific questions, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

If you need a little wedding inspiration, check out my Pinterest here.



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