Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses: Top Tips for Keeping it Fun

Hey friends! I’m back today with another wedding post, this time talking all about bridesmaid dresses. From the very beginning of my wedding planning, I had a pretty solid vision of how I wanted my bridesmaids to look and we didn’t stray too far from that. If you are at a loss about where to begin, or have ideas but need help locking down your dream dresses, you are in luck! Here are my top tips for helping your besties look their best 😊

Turn to Pinterest

I’m sure everyone and their mother is aware that Pinterest is where you need to be for wedding inspiration. But, sometimes, it can be overwhelming! I initially had an overall wedding inspiration board, but found that I was searching through hundreds of pictures. Once I switched to more topic-specific boards, life got a whole lot less stressful.

Once you have your inspiration board created, just for bridesmaid dresses, give your girls access to pin as well! This will help you assess how your vision and their ideas come together.

Talk to your girls!

These girls are your best friends and/or family! For everyone to be happy, communicate and don’t avoid certain topics. Like the budget. I was in a wedding a few months after I graduated from PT school, and I did not have extra funds just sitting around gathering dust. Unfortunately, budget wasn’t a huge concern with the bride and I remember being so stressed! In hindsight, I should have spoken up, but try not to put your ladies in this situation. Money can be a tough topic, but you want to make this as enjoyable of an experience as possible.

Also, find out what everyone is comfortable in, as far as dress style goes! Some girls may not want to wear strapless dresses or some may not be okay with an open back. Either find a style everyone will feel beautiful in or do what I did.

I let my girls choose their own bridesmaid dress style. Now, this is becoming a much trendier thing to do, but there are a few things to consider.

Keep the dress length consistent. My bridesmaids are all wearing long dresses, mostly because I don’t like the look of uneven hem lengths.

Stay within the same color palette. Have you ever heard someone describe a color as cool or warm? You want the same undertones throughout the bridal party, even if the colors are slightly different.

Encourage dresses by the same designer or at least the same fabric. My girls are wearing multiple designers, but they are all chiffon dresses.

Be nice, but not a pushover.

Know what you are willing to compromise on and what are your must-haves.

I touched on this a little above, but know what aspects of the bridesmaid dress/dresses you are not willing to budge on. I knew that I did not like the look of hem lengths that would be different, due to the varying heights of my girls. Therefore, long dresses were a requirement for me.  I also had a color scheme in mind, and while I was willing to blur the edges of that bubble a bit, I basically picked the colors and had them choose from those.

My bridesmaids ended up choosing very different dresses, but because of the similarities in color, length, and fabric, I think they are beautifully cohesive! So here’s where being nice comes in. My girls are in different stages of their lives, with different body types. One is giving birth any day now! (Eek!) And one is a teeny-tiny marathon runner. I want them to be comfortable and while a dress may not be your taste, if they make every effort to fit your non-negotiable aesthetics, give them some wiggle room. Each bridesmaid should feel gorgeous!


And, as always, have fun! So many aspects of wedding planning can be stressful, but try not to micromanage and just enjoy this extra-girly time with your besties!

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