Richmond and Other Daytrips From Virginia Beach

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Any travel? I feel like this time of year, people try to squeeze in last-minute day and weekend trips to make the most out of what is left of the summer. I know we really like doing this! The beginning of our summer (end of June/early July) was jam-packed with wedding activities, and our fall will also be crazy busy. So, for now, we are mostly staying local and trying to relax. However, a couple weeks ago, we drove up to Richmond, Virginia, to do a little exploring!

I have also been thinking about what other towns or cities we can visit that are within a few hours from Virginia Beach. We are potentially heading to Charleston, SC, for Labor Day Weekend. But, if that does not end up working out, we will likely be traipsing around Cape Charles, which is an adorable seaside town I have been dying to visit since we moved here.

We went up to Richmond last summer, and you can catch my recap here! This time around, we did things slightly differently, so keep on reading 🙂

Richmond, Virginia Day Trip

Country Style Donuts

Now, you didn’t think we would go on an adventure without donuts, did you?! Based off of the title of this blog, you should have expected that this would be my first stop. Country Style Donuts is a 24-hour donut shop with a couple locations in and around Richmond. From the outside, it honestly looks like a run-down diner. Once you step inside, you might have the same opinion. Haha! But, look past those appearances and glance over the many flavor options at your fingertips! These donuts were incredible and they serve the largest cinnamon bun I have ever seen.


I tried the blueberry crunch and chocolate creme, which were both amazing! I also tried a bite of buttermilk and coconut, and while they were both good donuts, they were not my cup of tea. If you head to Richmond, do not miss out on Country Style. If cake donuts are your thing, this is where you want to be!

Stone Brewing

According to my husband, this was the best and most important stop of the day. We did come to Stone on our previous trip to Richmond, but Jarrett is in love, so we made the return trip. I, personally, do not enjoy India Pale Ales, which is the style of beer most common at Stone. We hung out for a bit while the boys drank their fill, and played a couple rounds of Uno before moving onto the next brewery.

Read about my favorites breweries in Virginia Beach/Norfolk here!

Ardent Craft Ales

This was a new destination, in the neighborhood of Scott’s Addition. Here, you will find a number of great breweries, all within walking distance of each other! I loved the outdoor, beer garden vibe of Ardent and thoroughly enjoyed their sour black saison with cherries! The place was crowded, but in a fun, outdoorsy, “let’s get drunk on patios” vibe. There were a number of beers to choose from, but unfortunately, we didn’t have a ton of time to sample the offerings. Additionally, there was a food truck parked outside serving wood fired pizzas! They looked and smelled delicious, but we had other dinner plans.

Jarrett was not a fan, mostly because he does not enjoy sour beer, but I would 100% return!

Boulevard Burger and Brew

When I was planning our quick trip up to Richmond, I knew that we needed to find a restaurant within Scott’s Addition, or at least nearby. Boulevard stood out immediately, with its stellar reviews and menu, consisting of burgers, fries, and boozy milkshakes. Yes, alcoholic milkshakes.

We beat the dinner rush and only had to wait a few minutes before being seated. I ordered the caprese burger, which came with an amazing pesto, while the guys ordered double deckers and a goat cheese/apricot jam burger. All were satisfied, and Nick loved his whiskey root beer float!

Day Trip Destinations From Virginia Beach

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a gorgeous peninsula (technically islands I think) off in North Carolina, comprised of a bunch of cute seaside towns and gigantic vacation homes. It is a 1-2 hour drive to the northern part of the Outer Banks, depending on how you hit traffic. I would recommend checking out Jockey’s Ridge, which is a park made up of gigantic sand dunes with incredible views! There are also outlets, if you are into shopping, and the Wright Brother’s Museum if you are more into history. Although, you may just want to spend your time hanging out on the beaches!


Williamsburg is approximately 45-60 minutes north of Virginia Beach and has plenty to do! Downtown is adorable, with lots of shops and restaurants. We had lunch at Blue Talon Bistro on our last trip to Williamsburg and highly recommend it. There are the historical aspects to the city, the College of William & Mary, and Busch Gardens! Busch Gardens has a HalloScream event and Christmas Town if you are local around those holidays. Plenty to do, see, and eat!

Cape Charles

I have never been to Cape Charles, which is a town on the Eastern Shore, approximately 1 hour north of Virginia Beach. It looks adorable in pictures and boasts amazing seafood restaurants, beaches, a brewery, and more! Like I mentioned above, if we do not spend Labor Day Weekend in Charleston, I’m hoping to explore this local gem.

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