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Hello, hello, and happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend, surrounded by family and friends. Plus, you were hopefully full of amazing food and maybe a bit tired from shopping? However you spent it, just know that I am thankful for your support of this blog of mine. Some days, I feel like no one even knows this website exists, and other days, I am pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors! So, just know, I appreciate you stopping by.

Now, today’s post is all about my sister’s bridal shower! We celebrated the Saturday after Thanksgiving and had a blast! I spent more time than I care to admit thinking of the theme for the shower, but it was well worth it. Let’s jump on into the details of her “he popped the question” bridal shower!

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bridal shower theme he popped the question

Choosing a Bridal Shower Theme

Okay, so my sister’s future last name is Pippin, which is literally the cutest last name possible if you ask me. I mean, Elli Pippin? It’s straight out of a children’s book. Ha! Anyways, her wedding hashtag is #pippiphooray, which led to the ideas of “popping with the Pippins”, which led to the “he popped the question” party theme. Did you follow all of that?

So, once I established the “he popped the question” bridal shower theme, I dove into the Pinterest rabbit hole. This honestly was not a ton of help, because most of the similar themes were baby showers, ie. “she’s about to pop.” But, I did get a lot of ideas for food and some for decorations, so I just combined that with other bridal shower standards, in terms of games/activities.

Bridal Shower Decorations

Planning parties is something I love to do, as long as it is not for myself. I determined this during wedding planning. I get so much joy out of picking decorations and planning a menu, etc, but only when it for someone else and I can just be opinionated without being emotionally involved. Does that make sense?

Anyways, the main “he popped the question” bridal shower decoration I had envisioned was this balloon wall/arch and boy oh boy did my brother and his girlfriend make that come to life. I kind of just left them with a picture for inspiration and instructions to use a bunch of balloons and fishing line. And they delivered! I was so excited with how it looked on the wall and think I may just convince them to do it for every future party. Haha!

I also snagged this custom hashtag banner off of Etsy, and figured Elli could somehow use it at her wedding in December.

Other decorations were kept minimal, since the balloons were the main attraction. We placed one of their engagement pictures in front an engagement ring piñata, and just had other cute decor sprinkled throughout.


Elli’s shower was a luncheon, with a lot of finger food and her only request, baked macaroni and cheese! We also had finger sandwiches, really good bruschetta our future sister-in-law made, and fruit salad.

The desserts are where we incorporated our “he popped the question” bridal shower theme. We had gigantic cake pops, a gourmet popcorn bar, and ring pops!

cake pops bridal shower

popcorn bar he popped the question bridal shower

The custom popcorn bags were also an Etsy purchase and many people remarked on loving them. 🙂

he popped the question Etsy bridal shower


For an activity to fit the theme of the party, we had guests sign a bottle of champagne. Elli can now pop that on her wedding day, plus she has a fun guestbook from the shower!

We had an “advice for the newlyweds” station, and a jar full of kisses, so guests could guess “how many kisses for the soon-to-be mrs.”

For games, we played the “what’s in your purse” game and then followed that up with a version of the Newlywed game! I contacted Elli’s fiancé, Brandon, and had him answer a number of questions about himself and their relationship. Elli then had to guess Brandon’s answer to the question! Guests played against Elli to see who knew Brandon better, and luckily she won. But, she didn’t know if Brandon was right or left-handed! I thought this would have been the easiest question in the bunch, haha, but guess not! Do you know what hand your significant other writes with?

We ended the party with Elli opening her very generous presents and posing with her ribbon bouquet/bonnet! Overall, I think the party was so much fun and I am pretty darn proud of the theme if I can toot my own horn a bit. Ha!

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Also, look for the Gift Guide For Guys next week! Would you prefer gifts to be under $50, under $100? Let me know!

bridal shower he popped the question

he popped the question bridal shower theme

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