Our Favorite Easy Cocktails

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you have been having a great week so far. The weather in New Hampshire has been beautiful, and I am living for it! Honestly, spring in New England is not a bad time to be unemployed… Ha! Anyways, we have now dipped our toes into the world of cocktails, since I, in particular, have a lot of free time. Turns out, we love them! Here are the couple favorite easy cocktails we have been making on repeat the last couple weeks. Enjoy!

Looking to try a new mixed drink? Check out our favorite easy cocktails, with something everyone will enjoy!

The Ginger Rogers

Jarrett has always been a fan of gin & ginger ale, but this easy recipe stepped that up a bit. We used the recipe from A Communal Table, with a slight modification because we couldn’t find fresh mint anywhere! I also don’t measure anything, besides the liquor, and even that is questionable, but here is her recipe:

2 oz Gin

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz ginger syrup (see her blog for details)

2 oz ginger ale

Fresh mint (which we excluded)

Slice of Lemon

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! See what I did there? Ha! This drink is just very refreshing!

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Mezcal Punch

This is something you for sure want on Taco Tuesday! We actually tried this on Cinco de Mayo. The recipe is made for a group, but I just used 1/3 of what the recipe called for, and we had it for 2 nights. This is on the sweeter/tarter side, but I enjoy that!

Also, the website where we found this recipe, Supercall, is a great resource for fun cocktail recipes! Here is the recipe as it is on the website, not as we made it.

1 750-ML bottle of Mezcal

3 6-oz cans frozen limeade

1 L Squirt Soda (which we had never even heard of!)

6 bottles of Corona

Salt for rimming the glass

Lime wedges for garnish

If you are not going to drink it all in one night, I could recommend not mixing in the corona or squirt, and instead topping your glass with those ingredients. You don’t want flat beer or soda in your cocktail!

Maple Bourbon Cocktail

One of our good friends actually introduced us to a version of this cocktail (shout-out Chris!) and neither of us ever thought we would enjoy a bourbon-based drink. This one has such a good balance from the fruit and maple syrup! Find the full recipe on Jelly Toast.

2 oz bourbon

1 oz orange juice

1/2 oz pure maple syrup

1-2 dashes angostura bitters

Orange peel & maraschino cherry for garnish

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Classic Rum Mojito

If I was asked to choose my favorite liquor, it would definitely be rum. It just makes me think of summer and vacations, and it’s usually paired with something fruity. Give me a classic mojito and I am a happy girl. I have actually been muddling in strawberries, but it’s just as good following the recipe exactly! We used this recipe from Inspired Taste.

1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

2 teaspoons sugar

8 fresh mint leaves

2 oz white rum

1 oz club soda (we used seltzer)

Lime slice for garnish

Alright friends, there you go! A peek at our favorite easy cocktails. What have you been enjoying lately? Any cocktail recipes we should try? Let me know either here or on Instagram! Cheers!

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