Newport Bachelorette Party

Hey friends! Long time no chat. Sorry I have been away from the blog for a bit, but life has been a whirlwind these past couple weeks. I had my bachelorette party Memorial Day Weekend, which is the focus of today’s post!

In other news, we are just under 3 weeks until the big “I dos!” Trying to finish up last minute decor, schedule our honeymoon day trips, and stay sane these last couple weeks. Comment below any last minute advice you have for me! My goal is to get everything done in the next 10 or so days, that was we can relax in the days leading up to our wedding. Not sure how realistic that is, so pray for me. Or more specifically, Jarrett.

As always, if you have any comments, leave them for me below! I would love to know what you thought of our weekend, if you have been to a bachelorette somewhere else, if you’re planning a wedding, etc!

Let the Newport bachelorette party weekend begin!

Friday, May 25th

My bachelorette party destination was kept a secret up until I landed in Boston and met up with my sister at the airport. I knew it was in New England, but only because I needed to have a final wedding dress fitting and my sister decided to save me the extra flight back up to NH.

I had a few general ideas, mostly because New England isn’t that big, and was super excited when my sister told me we would be heading to Newport for the weekend! A bridesmaid graciously left her car at the airport for us, and as soon as we hopped in, there was a goodie basket waiting for us! It had drinks, snacks, hand sanitizer… everything we needed to get in the bachelorette weekend mindset. If you are planning a bachelorette getaway, I highly suggest you do this for the bride. It was the sweetest surprise!

We cruised on down the highway to Newport, about 1.5 hours south of Boston, and prepared ourselves to hit the town as soon as we arrived. The nightlife in Newport ends at 1am, so if you are night owls, you may want to reconsider this location. It was perfect for me, because I am a grandma and like to be in bed by 10:30pm.

Anyways, we changed quickly once we arrived to our fully decorated hotel in Newport and hit a few bars to start off the weekend. My outfit was complete with wedding veil and penis necklace. Classy, I know 🙂 Oh, and it was a whistle.

Saturday, May 26th

Newport bachelorette

We started off the day bright and early for an unlimited mimosa boat cruise around the Newport harbor! We lucked out with amazing weather this day and were able to enjoy the lighthouse tour while getting some sun. My sister gave us the most adorable hats to wear and we rocked them all day!

Newport bachelorette

Following the boat cruise, we had an early lunch at The Landing, complete with yummy seafood and my new favorite drink. Deep Eddy lemon vodka and soda water. Try it and thank me later.

Next up, was the Greenvale Vineyards. We each sampled a wine flight and I was shocked that my favorite was a white wine. Normally, I am a red girl all the way, but I loved their Skipping Stone white. We also took a walking tour around the vineyard, and it was stunning!

We followed that by a quick trip to a local brewery, Ragged Island Brewing Company. It was teeny tiny and if you have a big group, probably not the best pit stop. But the beer was decent and it was nice to be inside for a bit, since temps topped out around 85!

This excursion was followed by a delicious late lunch/early dinner, of fried pickles, two types of pizza, and burrata with pesto. SO GOOD.

Later that night, we hit the town again, heading back to The Landing, which was complete with a band and many bachelorette parties. If you don’t mind crowds and long waits at the bar, this place will be a lot of fun for you! I loved that it was outside, but was a tad claustrophobic.

We made our way over to the Clarke Cooke House for a very late dinner and were hoping to eat from their summer sushi bar. Hoping being the key word here. Unfortunately, the sushi bar was in too much demand and we had to order from the regular menu. It was good, but honestly, for the price and the wait, you might want to go somewhere else.

We ended the night by hitting up a few more bars! If you plan on going out in Newport, bring cash because a lot of places had cover charges. Also, Thames St is where you want to be and you can walk to a bunch in nice weather!

Recommended Bars for Newport bachelorette party: Newport Blues Cafe, One Pelham East, Speakeasy Bar

Bar to Avoid: Boom Boom Room. It was in the basement of the Clarke Cooke House and honestly, kinda sketchy. Think almost pitch black with a TV behind the bar, live-streaming the dance floor.

Sunday, May 27th

On our final day, we started off by heading to Liberty Donuts for a sweet treat! Now, if you have read other posts on here, know me, or just read the title of this blog, then you know I HAVE to try donuts when I travel.

These donuts were small and made fresh to order, but were honestly a little too sweet for me. Which is unusual. My favorite was an espresso glaze with mini chocolate chips.

To work off our sugar high, we headed out to do the Cliff Walk. Despite the dreary weather, we all felt the need to move and decided a little sea breeze would do us good. On sunny days, the cliff walk gives amazing views of the ocean, and it sits behind a bunch of famous mansions. Ever heard of The Breakers? Yeah, we saw it. If you are looking for something active, I highly suggest this walk!

Once we had worked up a good appetite, we went back into town for our final stop: brunch at the Hungry Monkey. Even with the rainy drizzle, the wait for every breakfast spot was at least 45 minutes, so we were raring to go by the time we got seated. I wanted a little of everything, and ended up with a great meal!

I had such a great Newport bachelorette party hanging with my besties and am so excited to see them again in a few weeks!

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