Moving During a Pandemic

Hello, hello! It has been a very long time since I last popped on here. That is because a lot has been going on in our lives, and frankly, the world in general. Including moving during a pandemic! As of now, restrictions for social distancing related to the COVID-19 pandemic are just starting to be lessened in our state. At the time of my last post, we were living in Norfolk, Virginia, and we’re now so happy to be calling New Hampshire home!

Jarrett and I both grew up in NH and kind of always knew we would make our way back here. After spending the last three years in Virginia, we decided we were ready to be back in the best state. Just a little biased, ha! But really, even though we have only been back for two weeks, it just feels like home.

Moving April 2020

So, how was it moving during a pandemic? Honestly, probably not all that different than moving normally. Moving is always stressful, and our move did not start smoothly.

Let me just preface this by saying that I never write negative reviews online. I just don’t think it is productive and it just keeps me focused on negative emotions. However, I 100% stand by the review I left for Budget in Norfolk, Virginia and highly recommend you steer clear. A little backstory for you…

We booked our Budget truck online a couple weeks prior to our reservation. The day before we were scheduled to pick up the truck, Jarrett called to confirm that it would be available. He was told that unless he received a call back from Budget, we were all set. Well, no call, so we went to Budget at 9am Friday morning to pick up our reserved vehicle. According to the manager, there wasn’t one and someone should have contacted us.

Oh baby, let me tell you, I was furious. The manager did not apologize for any involvement in the situation and frankly, clearly could not have cared less that he was responsible. So, here we are, 9:05am, with no truck. Our movers are meeting us at our apartment at 9:30, and we are a 15 minute drive away. Plus, we have a 12 hour drive ahead of us. Jarrett called Uhaul and when they confirmed that they had a truck for us, we cancelled our Budget reservation and walked out.

I dropped Jarrett off at the Uhaul near our apartment, and went home to meet the movers, thinking we were all set. Ha! Turns out, Uhaul doesn’t usually do same-day one-way truck rentals. Luckily, Jarrett was able to take an Uber to another city, to pick up a rental truck, and make it back to our apartment for the 2nd half of our moving appointment. It was quite the start to our very long day!

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These pictures were taken from our move April 2019! We definitely did not take any cute moving pictures this time around haha

It All Worked Out!

We are so grateful that Uhaul had a vehicle, and the moving company we hired was incredible! If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I highly recommend using Marathon Movers. We ended up making it to my parents house in NH around 12:30am, Saturday. The one good thing about traveling during a pandemic- there was very little traffic! Which I was incredibly grateful for, since I had never driven through NYC by myself (Jarrett drove the Uhaul and I drove my car).

It has now been two weeks since moving during a pandemic! Jarrett is off at his first day of work and I am still waiting on this lovely little pandemic to end, so physical therapy can open back up. Because of that, I have lots of time to get back to regularly posting on here! I actually have quite a few ideas for the next couple weeks, including what we have been cooking lately, plants that are non-toxic to cats, and our favorite NH walking trails! If you have anything else that you would like to see on here, let me know!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this crazy time 🙂

Moving during a pandemic! What changed, what stayed the same, and how it was both more and less stressful than usual! Moving from Virginia to New Hampshire in April 2020.

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