Meet Brenna

Why I Started This Blog

I’m Brenna and I’m so excited you stumbled upon this site! I have been told by my younger sister that I have “entered my late 20’s” (*ahem*, rude), so I decided to create this blog to document my life going forward. Think of this as a space to follow my journey, through travel and an endless supply of dessert, along with the ins-and-outs of our daily adventures. I want you to leave here excited to plan a new daytrip, plan your wedding, or be otherwise encouraged to find your own way towards daily happiness!

About Me

My husband, Jarrett, and I moved from New England to Virginia Beach about a year ago. Mostly to escape winter and try life in a brand new area of the country. I am in the process of finding the happy medium between learning to love our new home and the constant desire to explore the world. Currently trying to balance my career as a physical therapist with spending time with family and friends, dreaming up future travels, snuggling our kitties, and consuming a ridiculous amount of donuts.

Thanks so much for joining me on this wild ride!