Lifestyle Favorites: Fall 2018

Happy Tuesday! It has been a hot minute since I did a lifestyle favorites post. With the wedding and a lot of travel the last couple months, I honestly didn’t have time to try out new products. But, lately, there have been a number of things that have been bringing a bit of extra joy to my life! So, I thought you should know about them, in case, you know, you need a little extra happiness too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, does anyone else feel totally out of it since Daylight Savings? It was pitch black when I was driving home from the gym at 5:30pm! Obviously it’s nice to have the sun up a little earlier and I know, this happens every year. But every year, I think, what the heck?! It makes me want to crawl into bed by 8pm.

Anyways, let’s jump into today’s post. This may be the most random assortment of favorites I have ever had, but they are all amazing!

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Raw Sugar Body Wash: Lemon Sugar

Super random first “thing I’m loving,” but guys, this is my second bottle and it’s almost gone. It smells like lemon sorbet and lathers so well! My skin never feels dry and it’s made with natural ingredients. Plus, they do not do any animal testing! Hallelujah!

I purchased mine from Target, but it also appears to be available on Amazon, just way more expensive. They also have their own website. It is more expensive than your typical body wash, but not outrageous. $7 to be exact. And, for more natural products and no animals involved, I’ll pay for it.

Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger Podcast

You guys! This is by far my favorite podcast currently, and probably my favorite podcast EVER! As someone who is trying to start a side hustle/potential business, Jenna is a wealth of knowledge on everything entrepreneurial. I just listed to an episode that featured the blogger behind CarrieBradshawLied and it was great!

If you are not interested in business, this podcast is still 100% for you! She had a recent episode with her mother, and it was just so sweet! This podcast makes traffic fly and I find myself sitting in the parking lot just to finish an episode. So good!

I personally listen on Spotify, but iTunes also has it!

Local Library Card

Okay, anyone else kind of forget that libraries exist? Over the summer, I was complaining that I had read all of our books. We don’t have more room for physical books and I was kind of getting sick of the free Kindle books. Because, let’s be real, most of them aren’t very good. But, being someone who is trying to be cheap in order to pay off student loans ASAP (ugh), it dawned on me- there’s an amazing library right across the street!

Jarrett and I each got library cards and truthfully, had to re-learn how to use a library. Ha! Luckily, it is not longer all about card catalogs and you can check your books out independently on a computer.

The library had thousands of books, but it also has board games, movies, etc. that you can rent for a 2-3 week period. Need new reading material in your life? Head to your local library!

Current Novel: A Fall of Marigolds

Speaking of books, I am currently reading A Fall of Marigolds, by Susan Meissner. I don’t think I have read any of her other books, but a patient actually brought it in for me to borrow and I have been cruising on through it! It features two parallel stories, both about women who survive a tragedy, one of which is 9/11. While there have been a few sad passages, the overall theme of the book has been forgiveness of self-inflicted guilt. Although I haven’t finished it yet, I highly recommend it!

Thieves Oil Blend

Last year for Christmas I received an oil diffuser and have been loving it every second! With it, I was given a set of oils, but had a number of people tell me that certain oils were not safe for pets, or certain brands contained more chemicals than was actually safe in general. So, a couple months ago, I splurged and purchased two Young Living Oils, Thieves and Peppermint.

Thieves smells like the holidays- spicy and sweet at the same time! Mixed with orange essential oil, it is my new favorite. Plus, thieves has anti-bacterial properties and can help support your immune system, which is important during this time of year!

If you know more about the use of essential oils and Young Living in general, I would love more information! Let me know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Peppermint Bark Oreos

Oh, you guys. If you have been reading this blog for a bit, you know my obsession with Oreos. I just feel the need to try (almost) every flavor- I skip the ones that sound just straight-up nasty, like Swedish fish. Ew! I’ve definitely posted about Oreos in previous favorites lists, including peanut butter pie and cinnamon bun.

However, Nabisco has truly outdone itself with this flavor. If you like Peppermint Bark, you 1000% need to rush to your nearest Target and stock pile these cookies. The creme has actual pieces of candy cane! Need I say more?! It will be a miracle if I don’t consume the entire package in a few sittings. One of Jarrett’s personal training clients actually gave them to us because our Target hadn’t yet displayed them. But, as far as I am aware, they are available in Target and Walmart stores.

Brownie Mix-Ins Cool Whip

Alright, last favorite of this super random list! It is a good one though. I’ve seen these in the grocery store before, but for some reason, decided to snag a container on our last trip. Well, it was a very good decision because it is delicious! It has the same consistency as normal Cool Whip, but with chocolate flavor and mini brownie bites mixed in!

I had it on top of strawberries, for a slightly healthier but still tasty dessert and was not disappointed. I actually think I could eat this on its own and be perfectly satisfied. They also have an Oreo Mix-Ins, which I am definitely trying next time I buy groceries.


Okay, friends! That wraps up the list of things I am currently obsessing over. Believe me, you need each and every one of these things in your life. None of them are expensive, and they all bring such happiness to my everyday life. Tell me what you have been loving lately so I can continue to liven up my days!

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