Life Lessons from my Grammy

Back again for round two on the blog today. This morning, I posted my scheduled travel guide to Roanoke, VA, which can be seen here if you missed it! But, as the day wore on, I realized that I couldn’t let today go by without acknowledging something else. Today is the one-year anniversary of my amazing Grammy’s passing. And, although today has brought some difficult moments, it has also been a day of reflection on the incredible woman she was and a few of the lessons I learned by observing how she lived her life.

Lesson #1: Say “I love you”

Now, this should be obvious, but all too often we get busy with our days and our lives go by quickly without acknowledging the people that mean the most. Grammy always took the time to say “I love you” with the most sincere smile on her face. You couldn’t help but feel her immense love and joy. Recalling how I felt when she said those words, I realize the importance of telling people how you feel. It should be a daily occurrence, not a special event, to make someone feel as loved as Grammy made everyone else feel.

Lesson #2: Explore your passions

My grandma raised 10 children and somehow still managed to travel the world! She had a framed map with pushpins marking every city and country she had been too. I remember staring in awe at the far-off destinations she had seen and dreaming about her adventures there. She used to tell us travel stories with this perfect glimmer in her eye and you knew that travelling just fed her soul. That is how I feel about travelling, and I credit that largely to her.

Lesson #3: Make the extra effort

Now, this may seem like a silly example, but Grammy always used to whip her own cream. One of her specialties was angel food cake, with strawberries, and the freshest, just-whipped cream. As a kid, I definitely did not appreciate that, but looking back, I realize how much that little bit of extra effort meant. She always knew how to make us feel special, and I don’t think that happens enough these days. Take the time out of your day to compliment someone or “go the extra mile” and you’ll be surprised by how it benefits you as well.

Lesson #4: Always look presentable

Grammy was always the most put-together person I have known. Her hair was always curled, makeup always perfect, dressed in a matching fuchsia pant suit. When life gets busy, self-care goes out the window, but Grammy maintained her glamour. I think that when you feel better about yourself, confidence improves, and that confidence is projected as happiness. Take the time to care for yourself, so you can better care for others.

Lesson #5: Be generous

Be generous in all aspects of your life. With your love, with your money, with your time. My grandma personified this and I can only hope she is proud of how her massive legacy has continued to honor her through similar actions.


It seems impossible that a year has gone by since you passed, but here we are. Love you the most, Grammy.

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