How to Save Money with Free Mobile Apps and Websites

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Today’s post is all about little ways I try to save money! The focus will be on specific websites and mobile apps I use to either get cash back on purchases, or to save money on the front end with coupons and codes. Everyone loves to save money, but not everyone has the time or wants to put effort into coupon clipping or shopping multiple websites, etc.

My guess is that you have heard of a few of these. But, I’m hoping that you find one or two new ways to save a little cash! Save up for travel, buy a fun new fall scarf, be practical and put it towards your student loans… so many ways every little penny can help.

A few of these websites or apps do offer referral codes. If you decide to join, I would be thrilled if you would use mine! I am 100% saving for my student loans (which may never end), but also love having extra cash to plan fun content for this blog! Whether that is trying a new restaurant to review or taking a day trip somewhere, I am always looking to spice things up and constantly give you amazing posts! It does not affect your ability to earn cash back, but it may give you extra points towards your first reward.


Mobile Apps

Target Cartwheel

If you don’t shop at Target, you either have incredible self-control or it’s over 50 miles away from you. And if you shop at Target, and don’t have the mobile Cartwheel app, what on earth have you been doing with your life?!



The Cartwheel app features manufacturer’s coupons (aka, no coupon clipping), as well as Target promotional coupons and percentages off new items weekly. Once in the app, you can sort by product-type, if you are the kind of person that shops with and sticks to a list. Or, you can look at all of the current deals and sort by newest, discount percentage, what deals are trending, etc.


After you select coupons, they get added to your mobile “wallet”, which gets scanned at checkout. Just look at how much I have saved on items I needed to purchase anyways!


I would 100% recommend you download this free mobile app. Aside from the money-saving deals, it also shows you the weekly circular and can keep track of your gift cards.


This is a free mobile app that offers cash-back on grocery and household purchases. Again, there are new deals updated regularly, with as little as $0.10 cash back up to over $1! All you do is shop how you regularly would and scan the receipts after. If there are deals on the app, it matches to your receipt and you get that cash back once you hit $20.



If you wanted to be really fancy and if you have the time, you can sort by grocery store ahead of time and make your shopping list based on which items offer cash back. Just make sure that the product doesn’t have a higher base cost, or you won’t actually end up saving any money.



When you sign up, be sure to use my referral code: hefcjwf 

Fetch Rewards

Another really easy mobile app, Fetch Rewards gives you “cash back” in the form of gift cards. You can choose from a number of retailers, but I have chosen Amazon and it is very easy to claim. You are not required to match any products with a given receipt on this app. Just scan and it matches for you!

If you use the referral code below, you will automatically be given 2,000 points when you scan your first receipt! Once you accumulate 5,000, you can convert that into a $5 gift card.

Code: JQ8HN

Websites and Browser Extensions


Ebates is an amazing website if you shop online frequently! Cash back is offered on hundreds of sites, from Amazon to Aerie, and everything in between. You can shop directly through the website, or download the browser extension. This is what I did, and if you are on a website supported by Ebates, a little icon pops up letting you know to activate for a deal. I don’t do a ton of online shopping, because again, trying to save money here. But, I’ve received cash back on almost all of my travel purchases, and even if it’s like 2-3%, that adds up!

There is also the option to to search for travel and vacations, directly from Ebates, which makes things so easy when you are booking your next fun trip!

Be sure to sign up for Ebates using my referral code!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Retail Me Not

Now, I bet almost every one of you has heard of or used Retail Me Not. This website has been around for a while and is the best spot to catch a coupon code for your online shopping! Additionally, they now offer a browser extension. It will pop up if there is a coupon code that can be applied to your cart. I mean, does it get any simpler than that?


Another browser extension to make saving money a breeze! Download honey and watch it turn orange if you are on a site that is supported by the extension. Then, just click on the button to see what coupons are available for the online store that you are browsing. Once you are at checkout, you will be instructed to apply codes. Honey will automatically choose the code that gives you the largest discount, if more than one could apply.

The other really cool feature? Honey has paired with Amazon to find the best price and price match.

There is also the option to create a Droplist. Place items in this list and you will be notified if the price drops below an amount of your choosing.

Decide to join? It would be great if you could use my invite code.


Looking for other ways to save money? Check out my top websites for travel deals here!

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