How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

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I’m getting all kinds of excited about our upcoming honeymoon, since we have booked flights and started really looking into activities and such. I thought I would run you through the process we used to choose our destination, Belize! Now, I ask myself these questions when it comes to planning any trip, not just a honeymoon. So even if you’re not getting married, use this to help plan your next adventure!
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Top Considerations to Find Your Honeymoon Spot

Timeframe and Weather

First things first. Let’s talk logistics.
Tulum, Mexico January ’17
Think about what time of year you are looking to travel and think about what type of weather you would like to experience. If you are trying to travel in June, but hate the heat, I don’t suggest you go to the tropics. Even southern Europe gets very hot that time of year, so maybe consider northern Europe or Alaska! Want to travel somewhere warm in January? Consider Central America or the Caribbean.


Next, think about budget! This is the big one. Be realistic when it comes to what you can spend on a trip and make sure you don’t forget to allocate for the little things, like tipping, airport transfer, etc. If you have a tight budget, I suggest you make a spreadsheet and designate certain percentages of your budget for airfare, lodging, food, and activities.

Can’t really afford to fly? Road trip to a new-to-you spot in the US! There are so many cities I would love to visit. Don’t want to have to think about spending money while away? Plan an all-inclusive.

Length of Stay

Malaga, Spain May ’16
You also need to consider how long you will be able to travel. There is a big difference in a 4-day trip versus having two weeks to explore. If you are in a time crunch, I would suggest going somewhere closer to home. Ideally, I wouldn’t recommend spending more than 5 hours traveling to that destination. If you have two weeks off and the budget to allow a more extravagant adventure, go somewhere far away! It’s not every day that your work lets you take multiple weeks off 🙂

What Do You Want To Do

Seville, Spain May ’16
Now, you have probably narrowed it down to a handful of locations at this point. Time to think about what you like to do or would like to experience! Neither Jarrett nor I enjoy sitting on a beach for a week. So, we chose Belize, which will allow us to relax on a beach for a few days, but also let us explore the jungle! If you love just sitting with a book by the water, an all-inclusive in the Caribbean might be great for you! If you prefer constant activity, consider wandering around Europe or taking a cruise.

Additional Considerations

Here are a few other things you may want to consider.
How is the dollar doing? I think this is most relevant in Europe, but you might want to consider how much bang for your buck you will get in a location.
What is the primary language? Most places speak English, but if you head somewhere a little more remote, be prepared to not find an English-speaking person. Maybe consider travelling with a mini phrase book?

Do you need a passport? Any vaccinations you need? If you are leaving your country of residence, you likely need a passport. If you don’t have one and can’t get one in time, Hawaii is the perfect tropical destination with stay within the US. Or, I’m pretty sure you do not need a passport for Puerto Rico. Remember that you do need one for Canada now!
Finally, make sure you consider the safety of the destination. You may want to avoid locations that are in political turmoil or have a poor economy, despite it likely being cheap to travel there. Additionally, think about natural disasters. You may not want to plan a Caribbean vacation during hurricane season. And if you do, just get travel insurance!
We chose Belize because of it’s proximity to the US and the adventures it presents. We were looking for warmer weather, with plenty of destinations within the same country. Belize just fit perfectly with what we are looking to do on our honeymoon!
I hope this helped you narrow down where you will go for your honeymoon. With the world as big as it is, there are plenty of options and you are sure to find something amazing!
Update November 2, 2018:
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