Healthy Snack Ideas: Savory and Sweet

Well, you’ve made it past hump day and only have a few more days to power through until the weekend! Below, I’ve compiled a list of my current favorite healthy snacks. Hopefully this will be helpful, if you are in a snacking rut or trying to be a little healthier with your food choices! I would love it if you let me know what you’ve been snacking on in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new foodie finds!

Sweet Treats

Apple with Cinnamon

There is nothing like a fresh apple and the varieties are endless. I am currently loving Gala and Honey Crisp, but this time of year, there are so many options! When topped with cinnamon, this is the perfect snack to satisfy that sweet tooth. I will also occasionally throw it in the microwave, which makes it taste like apple pie. We are hoping to go apple picking this weekend, when we are in Roanoke, Virginia, so maybe I’ll find a new favorite 😊

Plain Greek Yogurt with Fruit


This is such an easy snack to mix and match, depending on what toppings you have available. I always start with a base of plain greek yogurt, sometimes drizzled with honey or agave. I’ve topped it with everything from blueberries and bananas, to Captain Crunch cereal and chocolate chips! So, it’s up to you if this snack stays healthy… or becomes more of an indulgence.

Rice Cake with Peanut Butter and Banana

I have been loving rice cakes for the past few months, and this is such a winning combination. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches were always my favorite growing up, especially on toasted bread. Now, this is a great snack when I want something crunchy, but also sweet!

RxBar or Larabar

If you read my September favorites post or follow me on Instagram, you may have already jumped on this bandwagon. When I am on the go, RxBars and Larabars are my favorite “protein” snack. They are made with only whole foods and I love that I can recognize everything on the ingredients list. Current favorite RxBar: Chocolate sea salt. Current favorite Larabar: Gingerbread.


Savory Snacks


If you are looking for a high-volume, low-calorie snack, air-popped popcorn is the way to go! I buy the kernels and pop it myself. You just throw some kernels in a brown paper bag, roll down the top, and microwave for approximately 2 minutes, or until there has been about 3-5 seconds between kernel pops. I tend to top mine with spray butter and a little bit of salt, but imagine the toppings you could try??

Veggies and Hummus or Laughing Cow

When I am looking for a crunchy snack, I love having carrots and raw bell peppers. Other great veggies include snap peas, celery, and grape tomatoes. I tend to either pair them with hummus or a Laughing Cow wedge for a little something special! I’m currently enjoying roasted red pepper hummus and the spicy pepper jack flavor from Laughing Cow.

String Cheese

Lastly, a super easy snack is string cheese! There are so many varieties, depending on your health goals, including low-fat, non-fat, etc. I tend to get either regular or low-fat mozzarella string cheese and eat one almost every day at work!


Alright, that’s what I have been snacking on lately! Anything I definitely need to try that you’ve been loving? Let me know below what I may be missing out on. Enjoy your Thursday, friends!

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