Fall Home Décor and Cozy Vibes

I’m writing this post from the kitchen of my parents’ house in New Hampshire! We drove up from Virginia Beach overnight Wednesday and I am so happy to be back in New England for a few days. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees. This morning, we woke up to 50s and light rain. Welcome to New England weather! The quintessentially “fall” weather we are having right now definitely works for today’s post! I’m talking all about how I decorated our home for fall, along with a few of my other favorite ways to create a sense of coziness.

Home Décor

Throw Blankets and Pillows

My obsession with blankets and throw pillows is a little unnecessary, I admit, but I think it is such an effortless way to transition between seasons or holidays. I found this beautiful orange and cream throw blanket, and the coziest knit pillow, from Marshalls. I found the knit pillow in the children’s home décor section, so make sure you check that area out as well! The orange pillow states “Eat, Drink and Be Thankful,” and was a purchase from last year. I also keep a little basket besides the couch, with an extra blanket, just in case more are needed on those chilly fall nights!


Another wonderful way to transition to fall is candles! I think the switch between seasons should appeal to all our senses (more below on this), and candles just do the trick. My all-time favorite fall candle is “Apple Honey Butter,” but I am also currently burning a “pumpkin spice” and a “white pumpkin” candle. Most of my candles are finds from Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc. or Target. Let me know your favorite places to purchase candles and your favorite fall scents below!


Tis the season for pumpkin everything! This year, I decorated with a mix of real pumpkins and gourds I picked up from Trader Joes, and pumpkin décor I had previously purchased. Little white pumpkins seem to add a classy touch to the typical fall or Halloween decorations. I also decided to decorate with gourds and squash this year, which I have not previously done. They are adorable and create a “rustic, farmhouse” feel, which seems to be very on-trend this past year. Shout-out to “Fixer Upper” for that one! (Anyone else devastated that Chip and Joanna are leaving us? Or dying to get their hands on the upcoming Magnolia line with Target??)

Front Entrance

The idea of walking up to a decorated entry way, with fresh flowers and pumpkins, just seems so warm to me! I have loved being welcomed home by this extra touch the past couple days! Our apartment door just happened to be this burnt red color, which goes perfectly with this season. I was thinking about getting a wreath for the door as well, but what do you think? Too much? The doormat was purchased from Target, and I just love how inviting it is.


Other little touches I do to transition the house between seasons is change out the kitchen hand towels. Kate Spade always has the most adorable and affordable hand towels, which is key! I tend to purchase a few sets of seasonal hand towels every year, mostly because they are such an easy way to get in the fall spirit! They are also usually the only Halloween specific decorations in our house. I enjoy having the decorations out from end of August through Thanksgiving, and just think decorating for Halloween limits that.

Last seasonal “décor” I always put out are these cute candy dishes with Halloween candy! I have found recently, that if I buy candy that is individually wrapped, my level of control significantly increases. If I purchase M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, etc. I just scoop up a handful on my walk by. Having to unwrap a piece of chocolate is enough work that I’m satisfied with just one… usually.

Cozy up Your Home with the 5 Senses

This might sound a little odd, but I find that appealing to all our senses really makes it feel like fall! Let me bring you through and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. Sight: I already discussed above the cute ways I decorate for fall! Throw pillows, pumpkins, etc. Don’t really need to go into this one anymore.
  2. Touch: Again, I mentioned blankets and pillows as a main way to switch out décor. I look for very soft fabrics, some knits, maybe wool. Think about what you love feeling in clothing during the fall and use that to inspire your home décor! I am all about chunky knit sweaters and suede booties.
  3. Hearing: I love to put on what I consider to be “cozy”, fall music. For me, that is the Coffee House Station on Spotify! Anything acoustic and calming just makes me think of curling up on the couch, with a knit blanket and a book. Current Favorites are:
    1. Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes is always a go-to 😊
    2. Ed Sheeran- Tenerife Sea, Photograph
    3. Hozier- From Eden, Cherry Wine
    4. John Mayer- Free Fallin’- Live at the Nokia Theatre, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Let me know if you would be interested in my current “Cozy Tunes” playlist on Spotify. I can certainly try to embed the playlist in here!

  1. Smell: This is pretty much accomplished with the candles I mentioned previously. But you can also keep potpourri bundles around the home. And my last tip appeals to this as well!
  2. Taste: Finally, I love fall-inspired cooked and baking. I try to cook with foods that are in season, and I cannot wait to roast up some squash and bake an apple crisp! I have already made a Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bread, which can be found here. What are your favorite things to cook this time of year? I need some new recipes to taste test.

Well, that’s a wrap on how I decorate and transition into fall, with a focus on making all things cozy! Comment below with your own tips and tricks!

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