Fall Bucket List: September/October

Does anyone else get overly excited for fall? I’ve had my decorations up since late August… #noshame

Since we now live in southern Virginia, the weather is still in the low to mid-80s most days, but that has done nothing to stop my giddiness when it comes to the new season. I try to come up with a seasonal must-do list, because there is almost nothing I enjoy more than making lists. (Yes, I know, kinda strange). Anyways, I love creating a bucket list, so when we are thinking ahead to the weekend, we already have fun ideas in place!

Decorate for Fall


I love home décor. Home Goods is one of my favorite places. In the world.

When it comes to fall décor, I stick to the traditional colors; oranges, reds, creams. I do not decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving specifically, except for a few extra items here and there. I will be doing a full post on my current fall home décor soon!


One thing Jarrett and I have realized we really miss about New England, is the ability to go hiking. There were so many options, from easy afternoon hikes to more challenging elevations. Virginia Beach is flatter than flat, so we are in the process of planning a quick weekend trip out to the Blue Ridge Mountains for mid-October. By that time, the weather will have cooled off and the foliage should be beautiful!

Apple Picking


We might have to drive a little further than we are used to, but I cannot let the season go by without going apple picking! I mean, if you don’t go apple picking, did fall even happen?! Definitely not. I love traipsing through the orchard, trying to find the perfect apple. Crisp air, crisp apples… apple crisp later.


Given our love for craft beer, going to one or two Oktoberfest celebrations needs to happen this year! I can’t remember the last time I went to one, but it seems like there are a lot going on in our area. Give me a giant pretzel and a beer, and I’m a happy girl.

Pumpkin Patch


We almost always go to a pumpkin patch in the fall, and somehow we almost never carve what we bring home! I love getting mini pumpkins to decorate around the house and usually try to snag a few bigger ones to put by the front door. I also love the farm stands, with the fresh baked goods, jams, and seasonal produce!


Something about the weather turning (slightly) cooler, makes me want to break out the mixing bowls and turn on the oven! I love how baked goods make our house smell, and taste-testing might be by favorite pastime. Proud member of Team “Lick the Bowl.” The next couple months, I will be baking up lots of goodies, from Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread to Apple Crisp.

Pumpkin Everything

Donuts. Beer. Pie. You get the idea! So far, I have tried Hood pumpkin egg nog, pumpkin and dark chocolate Milano cookies, and white pumpkin pie M&Ms.  These products were all new to me, and they did not disappoint the taste buds!


** If you have any fall traditions or activities you can’t miss, let me know in the comments!

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