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Happy Friday! How many of you have used Etsy in the past? I’ve been using it on and off for years, mostly when I am looking for a unique gift. My love for Etsy has now been solidified since I purchased so many of our wedding decor and speciality items from the site! Below, I’ll be breaking down the specifics of what I bought, what shop it’s from, and whether or not I would purchase that item again.

If you are planning a wedding, you cannot skip this post! I promise there are some incredible finds that will help make your own wedding an unique as you are as a couple. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Etsy Wedding Decor

Welcome Sign

I purchased our wedding welcome sign from Paper and Pine Co, with the actual sign linked in the heading. I am obsessed with the look of wood and white together, and thought it matched our rustic-chic theme perfectly. It also tied in so well with the vibes of an outdoor, farmhouse ceremony. Personally, I chose wedding decor that could later be used in our home, because let’s be honest, it’s expensive and I could not bring myself to spend considerable amounts of money on items that could never be used again. ย I styled the welcome sign with faux greenery, placed on an easel near our outdoor ceremony site and really loved how it looked!

Now, would I purchase this particular sign again? The answer is probably, however, it was not 100% what I was expecting. The sign is described as wood, so I assumed that it would be an actual piece of wood. Not so much the case. From what I can tell, it is pieces of wood with some type of foam filler in the middle, which is visible at least on the top edge of the sign. It was not an issue from an aesthetic point of view, but for the price I paid, I would have liked it to be solid wood.

*** Also, it is important to note that this item took at least 3-4 weeks to receive from the sellers after it was purchased. They make this very known on their Etsy page, but if you are in a rush, this may not be the best option.

Glass Card Box

This Etsy purchase does not have a happy ending… Ugh, what can I say? This was the one thing in our wedding, besides the weather, to “go wrong.” First and foremost, I am in LOVE with the glass terrarium we purchased to use as our card holder at the reception. And, I would hands down, 1000% purchase this same product again…. which I may eventually have to do in the future. Haha! The shop is Leosklo and they have so many beautiful items!

Short story is, we have no idea what happened to this piece of decor. It was at my parents, and to this day, is likely somewhere floating around their house. How it became lost, we will never know, but it never made it to our wedding venue. This one little item caused a minor meltdown on my end. No tears were involved, but I was obsessive about finding it the day we drove up to our venue. As we were unpacking the cars and I realized it never made the trek, I was *dramatically* upset. Eventually, I realized I was just stressed, and found an alternative at our venue.

Let this be a lesson- your wedding decor, no matter how much you obsess, will not make or break your wedding. But, you should buy this beauty and send me pictures of it at your own wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

Seating Chart Template

For some reason, figuring out how to display our seating assignments was a bit of a struggle during the wedding planning process. Our tables were named after different craft beers, so we couldn’t use the typical charts, labeling guests at a numbered table. Eventually, I stumbled upon this template! I modified all of the text and ordered a poster from Staples. My dad then sealed it to poster board and we displayed it on an easel.

If you need any kind of wedding templates, I would highly recommend using Crossvine Designs! The owner was incredibly helpful when I was struggling to upload the template to Staples. She converted my text file into a jpeg and re-formatted the image to look its best! She went way beyond what I would expect out of an Etsy seller and responded quickly when I contacted her.

Alternative Guest Book

I knew from the beginning stages of wedding planning, when I was way too focused on the details, that I did not want a traditional guest book. They sit on coffee tables, or get shoved in a drawer, only to maybe be opened once a year on your anniversary to reminisce. I really wanted an alternative guest book that could be considered artwork and kept on display year-round.

After spending hours browsing on Etsy, I found the shop bleudetoiย and fell in love! The idea of having our “family tree” hanging on a wall just felt so special. This particular decor item is one that I truly feel is worth the money. It can be framed to your liking and to match your home decor, becoming a memorable piece to keep forever.

Etsy Gifts

Bridesmaid Bracelets

Alright, another obsession here, and I’m kicking myself for not getting an extra of my own! When I was thinking about bridesmaids gifts, I really wanted to give them a piece of jewelry. However, everyone has different styles and I didn’t necessarily intend for them to wear them at our wedding itself. I was looking for something dainty, but heartfelt, and this bracelet was perfect!

I purchased morse code bracelets for each of my bridesmaids, and customized them to say “love always.” Nothing too cheesy, but just enough to let my girls know how much they mean to me, without being tacky. I’m definitely keeping this shop, JayneandJames, on my radar for future gifts!

Groomsmen Beer Flights

Again, we tried to keep our guys in mind, while also coming up with a customizable gift. I was so sick of seeing a million flasks or shot glasses, but wanted to stick with the alcohol theme. I found a shop on Etsy called Friends Custom Flightsย and had a great exchange while working with the owner. He made sure that my purchase was exactly what I wanted, and even re-stained a flight so they all matched each other.

Each flight we purchased was completely customized with our groomsmen’s nicknames and their wedding title (i.e. groom, best man, groomsmen.) The flight glasses even had our wedding date etched into them. I think the guys really enjoyed them, especially because they were delivered with some of their favorite beer! Haha!

Bridesmaid Koozie

These were purchased and used as part of my “will you be a bridesmaid” care packages and the girls loved them! I just thought it was a fun little item to have for wedding events. Nothing much else to say, except they’re cute and your girls will love them. They were purchased from Daws & Gray, which has a number of other customizable gifts!

Etsy Bridal Accessories

Jewelry Set

Picking jewelry was one of the hardest things for me, for no apparent reason! I knew that I did not want a necklace because of the neckline on my wedding dress. A bracelet was a “take it or leave it” item for me, but I was set on having classic, but statement, earrings.

I found these beauties on Etsy, and they came in a set with a bracelet that I could just not pass up! The earrings were the perfect size for photographs and did not weigh my earlobes down. I was honestly a little nervous about wearing larger earrings, since I primarily wear studs, but I hardly noticed them throughout the day!

As far as cost goes, I do think this set was slightly overpriced. The bracelet is custom to your wrist specifications, which is amazing! Because choosing jewelry was one of those daunting tasks that I just kept putting off, I had only a few weeks to make my decision. Are these beautiful pieces that worked perfectly for my day? Yes. But, I also think you may be able to find them less expensive elsewhere.

The shop, Crystal Corridor, has so many jewelry options that you are bound to find the perfect set for your special day! And, the shop owner was the sweetest during our communication.

Bride Hanger

Some people may think this was a ridiculous and unnecessary purchase. I probably could have done without a custom wooden hanger, but I love photography and wanted to have beautiful pictures of my wedding dress hanging. The hanger was a splurge for myself, but I chose standard wooden hangers to give my bridesmaids, for a cohesive look.

I feel like this is one of those silly little things that I will see randomly in my closet and smile. So it was worth it to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Willow Grace Bridal has a number of beautiful designs and specializes in custom wooden hangers.

Etsy Miscellaneous

Hubby & Wifey Shirts

Update 12/12/18: This Etsy shop no longer exists. Sorry!

Luckily, Jarrett was totally on board with rocking these cute tees! I mostly got these to wear while traveling to our honeymoon destination, but we forgot! Ha! Since then, I have worn my shirt casually and think its adorable. I did not want a shirt that said “bride” or “groom” because after a while, they just aren’t appropriate anymore. But “hubby” and “wifey” work forever.

These shirts were probably overpriced and if you have any experience with screen-printing, I’m sure this would be a relatively easy craft to complete. It would make a perfect bridal shower or bachelorette gift! If you are set on purchasing a pair of T-shirts, I would highly recommend these. The material is a very soft cotton blend and they have washed well, without fading.

The shop, Create More Sleep Less, had a number of other festive items!

Custom Address Stamp

This was one of the best wedding purchases I made! It seems so simple, but when you think about the number of envelopes you have to address over the course of planning- save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards- it becomes so apparent that this is a major time and life saver! MJs Art Stamps has so many fonts to choose from, so you can find one to perfectly fit your style.

The stamp is a little on the pricey side, but if you are not going to be moving after the wedding, it will work until you do!

I hope you all found something you loved or discovered a shop you can use for your own wedding! Remember to check out my other wedding posts here.

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