Duck Donuts

I hope you are not hungry as you sit down to read this, because today, I’m talking donuts. Duck Donuts is a staple in Southern Virginia/Northern North Carolina, as it originated on the Outer Banks in Duck, NC. I have been more times than I care to admit, and just cannot resist grabbing donuts any time we have visitors!

Duck Donuts is all about customizing your order. There are pre-set flavor combinations, but they encourage mixing and matching! All donuts start warm, and are then dipped in your chosen glaze and sprinkled with the best toppings. Think crushed Oreos, bacon, coconut… hope you’re not drooling yet!

Fall Flavors

The “Harvest Assortment” is currently available, with donuts combinations like “pumpkin with cinnamon sugar” and “maple with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.” This time around, we decided to try both of those (plus four others). As someone who loves pumpkin-everything, I was sadly disappointed in the pumpkin donut. It honestly didn’t taste very different than their standard cake donut, which is the base for all made-to-order donuts. This just didn’t scream “fall” to me and my taste buds wanted to feel like it was October! On the other hand, the maple icing is just beyond delicious. Slap that on anything and I would be a happy camper.

Classic Combinations

Jarrett always orders chocolate glaze with coconut and peanuts. He knows what he likes and sticks with it. Thank goodness he thinks I’m a winner! Haha

The other flavors we tried were: strawberry glaze with powdered sugar, “blueberry pancake,” and vanilla glaze with crushed Oreos and powdered sugar. Blueberry donuts always seem to steal the show for me, and this was no exception. I honestly do not know what the toppings were, as it was one of their classic combinations, but oh lord, if all of the donuts were blueberry, I would’ve been perfectly satisfied.

When we are home and craving donuts, Duck Donuts is our go-to. With endless flavor possibilities, why would we ever stop going?! I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Christmas. I’m hoping for gingerbread 😊

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