Dealing with Change in 2020

Alrighty, it has been a good, long time since I was on here. Like two months. I honestly did not mean to be gone from this blog for so long, but a lot of things have been going on. When I am overwhelmed, I lose all motivation to actually get stuff done. Not the most productive of me. So, now that I’m back, let me tell you about the upcoming change in 2020!

P.S. I promise not to go another two months without posting!

How we are dealing with a few big changes in 2020! Find out where we are moving and the changes that will come with that.

Changes in the Next Couple Months

Okay, the change that affects all other changes: WE ARE MOVING BACK TO New Hampshire! And I am so excited. We did not plan on moving back to NH from Virginia this soon, but you know what, life happens. I am someone who truly believes that things happen for a reason. So, I believe that we are meant to head back home. I think our families would agree!

Our current apartment lease ends in April, so that was the deciding factor in our time frame of moving back this winter/early spring. Now, because of this new development, you can probably imagine what other changes may be happening around here.

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New Everything

Obviously, Jarrett and I both need to find new jobs. I will be finding another position as a physical therapist, which requires me to acquire licensing in NH. Which, might I add, is pretty complicated. I already took, and passed, a healthcare law exam. Now I am in the process of filling out my application, which needs to include finger printing, a passport photo, and lots of checks. Ha! Also, I am working on my resume this week, so cross your fingers that all of that paperwork is squared away this week.

Jarrett would like to stay in a similar hospital position, while trying to figure out exactly what he wants to pursue as a career. He was in school for nursing, but may also be interested in personal finance, among other things. So, lots for him to think about.

Moving also means we need to physically move, which will be a big change in 2020. I mean, obviously. So, I have already started to go through things in our apartment and get rid of whatever we don’t need. We have looked into Uhauls, and my dad has so graciously offered to come help us move. This also means that we will be needing a new place to live! We are most likely going to stay in the apartment scene for another year or so, while we save money for a down payment on our first house. Exciting things to come!

And Not So Great Things

In addition to everything else we have going on, Jarrett’s car is no longer with us. Unfortunately his frame broke, which would have been more expensive to fix than the value of his car. RIP. Luckily, we live close enough to work for him to bike, but that has been an additional stressor. Plus, that means we will be needing to purchase a car when we move to NH. Lord, we have a lot going on.

We are trying to take things day-by-day and not get too overwhelmed with all of the changes that are happening and will happen in the next couple months. Things will work out as they are supposed to, but in the meantime, we just need to remember to keep breathing and not stress too much.

So, that’s what has been going on in my absence and you’re clued into what is going to change in 2020! Now that I am officially back, what types of content do you want to see? We will not be doing much traveling in the next couple months, but we do have a Norfolk bucket list we are trying to tic off and I can certainly write about that. Anything specific related to moving? Change in general? Let me know!

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