Current Workout Routine + Fabletics Review

Hey friends! I’m back after a mini hiatus from this blog. We have a lot going on with our upcoming move, and last week, I was just not in the mood to write. Sorry about that! But, I’m back today, talking about my current workout routine and Fabletics! Have you tried Fabletics? Let me know what you think!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your workout routine? Check out the affordable fitness app I have been loving for my workouts lately! Plus, how do I really feel about Fabletics?

Madeline Moves Fitness App

Have you heard of Madeline Moves? I found her on Instagram and have been loving her fitness app! She’s just the cutest and has so much knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I started her Weekly Moves program on her app back in the beginning of the fall and really enjoyed it. When it came time for a round of “Tighter Together”, I hopped on that train! Also, this isn’t sponsored. I just love her program!

“Tighter Together” is a short-term fitness challenge, that includes custom macros and daily workouts through her app. The program includes a Facebook group, which was amazing for support and motivation! This challenge was really hard, both mentally and physically. But, it was the kick in the butt that I needed after the holidays.

Madeline Moves Fitness App for workouts.
Madeline Moves Fitness App for daily workouts and macro calculation.

In the four weeks, I lost approximately 4 pounds and really saw a change in my body composition. Specifically, I’ve noticed a lot more muscle in my arms! I will say, following the challenge, I lost that motivation and have resorted to a few old, bad habits. Hello, Girl Scout cookies. Ha! I have been keeping up with her Weekly Moves workouts and plan to get back on track with the macros this week!

Current Workout Split

  • Monday- Upper Body
  • Tuesday- Rest Day (I work 8am-7pm and just try to get as close as possible to 10k steps during the day)
  • Wednesday- Leg Day
  • Thursday- Rest Day
  • Friday- Back/Upper Body
  • Saturday- Leg Day
  • Sunday- Cardio/Abs

Fabletics Review

A couple weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram stories for recommendations on workout leggings and a couple people told me to try Fabletics! When they were offering a 2 for $24 deal on leggings, I decided to try it out! I’ve now worked out in the pairs I purchased, and just worn them around running errands or whatever.

Current workout routine and Fabletics review!

I chose the High-waisted Solid Powerhold 7/8 and the Seamless High-waisted Mesh Leggings. Here are my thoughts:

Pros: The leggings are 100% squat proof. They are made of a nice, thick material that holds everything in, especially since I chose high-waisted pairs! Ha! I loved how they felt when out and about.

Cons: These leggings made me sweat so badly when I wore them during leg day! Ugh! Like I was dripping as soon as I finished my cardio warm-up. Is it just me? They were fine for upper body days and easy cardio, but there is just no way I can wear them for squats.

Additionally, Fabletics did not send an email reminder to purchase or skip the month, so I am now stuck with a $50 credit on my account. Aka, they charged my credit card $50 because I forgot to skip March. I now have a repeating alert in my calendar to skip Fabletics. I may be using that credit towards tanks or sports bras in the future!

Overall takeaway is that Fabletics makes great quality items. Just be selective and know what you will actually be doing while wearing these pieces to avoid swamp booty. Ha! Try it out here and get your own leggings, 2 for $24!

So that’s it for my current workout routine and Fabletics review! If you try out her program or get your own leggings from Fabletics, let me know what you think!

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Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your workout routine? Check out the affordable fitness app I have been loving for my workouts lately! Plus, how do I really feel about Fabletics?

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