Cozy, Blush Pink Bedroom Ideas

Hey friends, happy Tuesday! Jarrett and I have been busy the past couple weekends, looking at apartments in Norfolk, Virginia! Our current lease is up in April, and we have decided to move from Virginia Beach to Norfolk. We both work in downtown and it will be a much shorter commute to school for Jarrett. So, we’re excited!

Every time I move, I have the urge to redecorate or just “spruce things up.” I’m sure you know what I mean! We have been in our current apartment for almost two years, but I never truly finished decorating. We legitimately just purchased a bed frame, like, 4-5 months ago. Ha!

Currently, our bedroom is a weird mix of new items and old hand-me-downs, so I’m hoping our new apartment will solidify my cozy, blush pink bedroom vision. One thing that should help a lot is that I have a couple T.J. Maxx gift cards that I have been saving for this, AND IKEA IS COMING TO TOWN! I am clearly pumped. Once Jarrett realizes he is putting everything together, he will not share my enthusiasm…

So anyways, I’ll give you a sneak peek at our current bed situation. That’s probably it though, because it’s the only thing I like about our bedroom. And then I’ll show you my inspiration for completing the room once we move, and link a bunch of products that we have now and some I am hoping to purchase once we move!

Looking for home decor inspiration and want to see how we plan on decorating our bedroom? Check out my top picks for making a cozy, blush pink bedroom.

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Our Current Bedroom

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have probably seen pictures of my bed. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should. Ha!

Blush pink bedroom inspiration and home decor.
Check out our duvet, shams, sheets, and bed.

Anyways, this is our current bed situation. I love how this came together and plan on sticking with blush pink, white, navy, and wood accents throughout our new bedroom.

Bedroom Inspiration

Here are a couple of images that I am going to use as inspiration for our new blush pink bedroom! All images were taken from Pinterest, and if you want more home decor ideas, be sure to follow me here!

Blush pink bedroom inspiration and shopping guide!
I love the copper and gray accents! This looks like it might actually be our duvet cover.
Blush pink bedroom inspiration and shopping guide.
I really like the chunky knit blanket, the bench at the end, and the art over the bed!
Cozy bedroom inspiration, with mixed fabrics and plants.
I’m thinking white end tables, mixed fabric pillows, and greenery!

Home Decor Wishlist

Okay, now that you know what kind of vibe I would love to have for our bedroom, let’s get shopping! Like I mentioned above, our bed and bedding will stay the same. So here is the extra decor and small furniture pieces I am looking at for our future apartment!

White nightstand from Wayfair for bedroom.
I love the idea of having a rounded nightstand, when our bed is such a harsh, minimalist design.
Open tray end table for bedroom design.
I also wouldn’t mind just having an open tray end table!
Wicker baskets for plants from Ikea
I really like these wicker baskets from Ikea, to house a few real or artificial plants.
Black framed full length mirror for bedroom.
A full length mirror would be so nice! This thin black framed mirror would tie in well with the black frame on our bed.
Textured pillow covers from Amazon for bedroom throw pillows.
Love these textured pillow covers, that come in multiple colors!
Chunky knit blankets for bedroom decor, from Etsy.
These chunky knit blankets are expensive, but I think the price is worth it for how cozy they make a room feel!
Copper lamps for bedroom end table decor.
These copper lamps are a fun way to add a metal to the mix.
Copper hanging planters from Anthropologie home decor.
I also love these copper hanging planters!

Do you love home decor or styling your house? Let me know if you want the details of our move, from packing through decorating our new apartment! This blush pink bedroom decor is just the start of my ideas!

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Looking for home decor inspiration and want to see how we plan on decorating our bedroom? Check out my top picks for making a cozy, blush pink bedroom.
Looking for home decor inspiration and want to see how we plan on decorating our bedroom? Check out my top picks for making a cozy, blush pink bedroom.

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