Best Food in Hampton Roads

Hello, hello! I’m back today with a post all about my favorite topic: food! Since we decided to move back to New Hampshire, I have been keeping a bucket list of sorts on my phone, of all of the things we want to do before we leave. Specifically, it’s all of the places we want to eat again (or for the first time). So, here’s a run down of the best food in Hampton Roads!

I did a post similar to this in 2018, with my favorite restaurants. However, we had only been in the area about a year. So, a few of my top picks have stayed on the list and I have added a lot to it!

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American Food

Best Burger: Jack Browns

Here’s a direct quote from my previous post, because my opinion has not changed:

I have never craved a burger until we ate at Jack Brown’s. Ask my husband. These burgers are so good, they don’t even ask you how you want it cooked! I have ordered the “Chiflet” every time, which is a burger with cheese, bacon, and an egg. Plus a side of sweet potato fries. I don’t think I will ever stray from this order. Now, if you can eat a lot, you probably want to order a double patty. And,  it’s worth noting that the sides are sold separately, but the prices are great! Additionally, the craft beer selection is out-of-this-world! You will absolutely find something you love.

Pancakes: Citrus

You need to try the "citrus pancakes" from Citrus in Virginia Beach! Check out the list of my other favorite foods from Hampton Roads!

We very rarely go out to breakfast or brunch, but when we do, and we go to Citrus, I have to get the citrus pancakes. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with pineapple and banana, and a citrus glaze? To die for.

Sandwich: Taste Unlimited

Even if you don’t particularly like sandwiches, you’ll like a sandwich from Taste. There are tons of options on the menu, or you can create your own sandwich. Just make sure you get the house dressing, either original or hot! I always go for turkey, whipped goat cheese, spinach, tomato, and cucumber on French bread with original house dressing. I’m drooling just typing this.

Wings: The Dirty Buffalo

Try some wings from Dirty Buffalo, and follow it up with gelato from Strawberry Fields. Check out the rest of my favorite food from Hampton Roads!

Now, I am not really a “wings” person. I have this weird thing about eating directly off of a bone. However, I had their chicken strips with the sauces and the sauces are incredible. Plus, my husband says these are the best wings! I really liked the sweet sriracha sauce and he enjoyed the cajun buffalo sauce. They also have dry rubs!

Pizza: Bakehouse at Chelsea and Cogans

This one is a tie for me, because they are both delicious! We eat Cogans a lot more regularly, because we are able to walk to one of their locations from our apartment. But I am really craving Bakehouse, so I had to talk about both.

Bakehouse is brick oven and so fresh! Think gourmet pizza with really good ingredients. However, it is not a restaurant and there is minimal seating. Its definitely a bakery and their morning buns are also out of this world.

Cogans is just really good pizza. I love the crust and the spicy sauce. That is a must.

Ethnic Food

Ramen: Alkaline

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Alkaline introduced me to Ramen and Alkaline has my heart. Ha! I always order the Beef Noodle Soup, which is spicy and so yummy! They also have a great selection of craft beer, but it is on the more expensive side because they are drinks you can’t just get anywhere.

Chinese: Judy’s Sichuan

Chinese food is also more Jarrett’s thing, but I can appreciate really good Chinese food. Definitely get either the dumplings or the pot stickers, and we have always really liked the chicken and broccoli. Very basic of us.

All You Can Eat Sushi: Volcano

Oh how I miss you, Volcano Sushi! The restaurant unfortunately had a fire in August of 2019, and has still not re-opened. The date keeps getting pushed back, and I will be so sad if it doesn’t re-open before we move. It is all-you-can-eat sushi, and very good quality for the price. When it comes to sushi, I want both quality and quantity. I’m just a little picky.

Thai: Bangkok Garden

Thai food is more my style than Chinese, and I have loved the meals I get at Bangkok Garden. My favorite is always Pad Kee Mao, which is large rice noodles with chicken, veggies, and fresh chili to make it spicy!

Mexican: Luna Maya

If you are looking for cheap Mexican food, keep moving along, but if you want really good Mexican food, you have to go to Luna Maya! First of all, the guacamole is so fresh. Second of all, I’ve never had a bad meal here. And, lastly, they make a caipirinha, which is an amazing rum and lime cocktail. Mmmm mmmm mmm.


Gelato: Strawberry Fields

Only the best gelato outside of Italy and some of the best food in Hampton Roads! I have loved every flavor from this little shop in Norfolk and I can guarantee you will find something to devour.

Donuts: Duck Donuts

The best food in Hampton Roads has to include Duck Donuts! Check out what other restaurants made the list and where you need to eat when you visit Norfolk or Virginia Beach.

And, you knew this one was coming, right? Ha! I love Duck Donuts! They have so many options to choose from and every donut is made fresh to order. I have been loving vanilla frosting with salted caramel drizzle and health crunch, but also blueberry pancake. Oh, and anything chocolate. Basically, you can’t go wrong.

Alright guys, what did I miss? This is some of what I consider to be the best food in Hampton Roads. But, are there things we need to try before we move back to New Hampshire? Let me know!

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