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Happy Friday! Today, I’m coming at you with my current evening skincare routine, which has been seriously improved thanks to Modere! A couple months ago, a friend reached out, asking if I would be willing to try an anti-aging skincare line. One which gave her incredible results. Why wouldn’t I want to try a highly-rated product that was given as a gift at the Oscars and Emmys? So, it has now been 6+ weeks of using these two Modere products and I am in love.

I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty about the products themselves and why I love them, but I also wanted to share my other favorite skincare products. I know everyone’s skin is different, but I have had genuine results from this routine. All through my teens and into my twenties, I struggled with acne. Now, that I am rapidly approaching thirty, you can add the nice little fine lines to that mix as well. Oh, joy.

So, are you ready to change your skincare routine, and therefore, your skin? Let me break down what I have been doing to help my skin lately!

Anti-Aging Modere Skincare Products

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Modere I/D Anti-Aging System


Anti-Aging Modere Skincare Products

The anti-aging system contains two products. The first is a purifying gel, Infusion, that releases oxygen bubbles on your skin’s surface. It is literally to coolest sensation ever! This product helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out your skin texture.

Anti-Aging Modere Skincare Products

The second product is a “superbotanical complex”, Defense, which helps protect your skin from air pollution. Isn’t that amazing? Think of everything your skin encounters on a daily basis and now picture this kick-butt barrier that won’t let anything harm you. Pretty neat!

A few of the main ingredients include snow algae, summer snowflake flower, dandelion extract, and ecoskin, which is a pre- and probiotic complex that helps beneficial bacteria on your skin. This helps with acne and dryness!


First things, first- wash your face! You could use Modere Cleanser, but I honestly just use Cetaphil. Then, pump Infusion onto your fingertips and apply to your face quickly. Make sure you don’t rub it in! This product will bubble all over your skin, delivering oxygen.

Let this sit on your skin for at least 5 minutes. I usually put this on before starting my full nighttime routine, that way it is on my skin > 30 minutes.

If you want more information on this oxygenating mask, check out my Instagram for my skincare highlight!

Once you are ready to move onto step 2, rinse your skin and pat dry. Apply a pea-sized amount of Defense to your face and neck.

“First 4 Days: Use Infusion in connection with Defense every evening as directed. After 4 days: Use Infusion in connection with Defense every other evening as directed. For best results, use Defense daily.”

Anti-Aging Modere Skincare Products

Here’s a link to the product fact sheet, in case you want more in-depth information!

Also, a couple more things about these products:

  1. They are definitely more expensive. However, if you’re not willing to invest in the health of your skin, then what are you willing to invest in? I think they are 100% worth it, if you have the disposable income to make it work.
  2. It says that it is a 30 day supply. But, I have been using the original bottles for at least 6 weeks and am not even close to finishing them.

Full Evening Skincare Routine

Skincare and Teeth Whitening

Alright, so you probably want to know what else I have been using to help my skin lately!

Face Wash: Cetaphil

I have been using Cetaphil for as long as I can remember. It is super gentle and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry or tight. If you have skin that irritates easily, they also have a gentle cleanser formula.

Another thing to note- I have switched to only washing my face once per day, always at night. The only time I waver from this is if I have had a super sweaty gym session. Otherwise, I have found that my skin gradually started producing less oil because I wasn’t stripping it! Less oil means less acne.

Face Brush: Clarisonic Mia 2

Clarisonic Brush for Better Skin

This is another product I have had forever! I probably got this as a Christmas gift 5+ years ago and would 100% recommend it. You can change the removable brush head to fit your specific skin issues, such as Acne, Deep Pore Cleansing, or Sensitive.

Toner: Thayer’s Witch Hazel Alcohol-free Toner

Who knew a toner could help your skin so much?! Like other products, I am on at least my second bottle. I apply this toner on a cotton pad, morning and night after wetting and/or washing my face. It is so satisfying to see how much more dirt comes off onto the pad! No wonder my skin was so bad before starting this toner- it still had tons of grime on it!

Because this is alcohol-free, it is not drying and actually feels very refreshing! There are a few different types of this toner, but rose petal has been my favorite.

Acne Spot Treatment: Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Acne Spot Treatment for Better Skin

This drying lotion changes the acne-fighting game for me! For years, I had been using products with salicylic acid that just totally dried my skin out. While they helped a little with acne, they also caused flaking and peeling. Yuck! So many people swear by this drying lotion, and for good reason. I am on my second bottle because it helps reduce redness and size of pimples within a couple days!

Eye Cream: ROC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Eye Cream

Eye cream is a newer addition to my skincare routine. Well, I’ve been using it for probably the last year. Thanks to my encroaching smile lines around my eyes and the perpetual dark under-eyes that has seemed to settle in with age. Getting enough sleep is always a struggle! Too bad we have to wake up and go to work! Ha!

Anyways, I really like the consistency of this eye cream and think it has been doing a great job of keeping that sensitive skin moisturized. My skin appears to be much less puffy, but that darn darkness remains.

Moisturizer: Cetaphil

Again, keeping my products simple where I can. Along with the face wash, I have been using this moisturizer forever. Even though my skin is not super sensitive, I have never had an issue with irritation from this lotion. If you spend a lot of time outside, they also have a moisturizer with SPF 15.


I really hope you enjoyed this peek at Modere and my overall skincare routine! If anti-aging is not your thing, Modere offers a ton of other skincare lines, as well as hair products, skincare for men, and even household items!

Just make sure to use my referral code for a $10 discount on clean products!

Referral Code: 9715289

Anti-Aging Modere Skincare Products

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