2017 Highlights: Year in Review

Hey friends, happy weekend! I am writing this on day 2 of an unplanned 4-day weekend, thanks to the “bomb-cyclone” that hit most of the east coast. To say I am getting a little stir-crazy is an understatement. MAJOR. Having lived in New England my entire life, it amazes me how Virginia handles the snow. Work closed for both Thursday and Friday, and it is next to impossible to get out of our apartment complex due to how it was “plowed” (if you can call it that…). I have heard many cars revving their engines as they get stuck in a snow bank and Jarrett had to help move a van that was blocking traffic. Fingers crossed for warmer weather soon!

I just wanted to jump in today with a little light reading and share my highlights from 2017! We had many great moments from this past year and I can only imagine that 2018 will be amazing as well!

What were your favorite moments from 2017? Any similar to mine? Let me know in the comments below 😊

January 7-13: Tulum, Mexico

After 3 years of dating, Jarrett and I finally went on a real vacation! And it just happened to be his first time out of the country and first time on an airplane. We almost missed our flight due to a snowstorm arriving in Boston, but somehow, they de-iced the plane and got us on our way. That was followed by having to circle the Cancun airport for 45 minutes due to thunderstorms. We almost ran out of fuel and had to land in Cozumel! It was quite the introduction to flying for Jarrett. But, we made it and had the best time. We cannot wait to travel to Central America again for our honeymoon in Belize!

Tulum Mexico Year in Review

Tulum, Mexico Year in Review

Highlights of the trip included two excursions: driving dune buggies to a cenote and exploring the Tulum Mayan ruins.

For all my big trips, I like to make a quick film to remember the vacation! Check out our Mexico travels here.

April 9: We’re Engaged!

Jarrett and I were in Maine for the weekend and he surprised me by proposing! We followed up the amazing morning by meeting friends at a local brewery, and later having dinner with my family.



Read all about that special day here!

May 18: Moving to Virginia

Jarrett and I had talked about moving somewhere warmer for about a year before we officially decided to make Virginia Beach our new home. It helped so much knowing a few people when we moved, as Jarrett’s best friend, Nick, is stationed here. It was a huge decision to move so far away from family and we know that we will likely be in Virginia until Jarrett finishes school.

At this point, we both love the weather (excluding this massive snow storm) and are finally starting to feel a little more at home now that we are making friends. I do have to admit though, that every time we visit NH, I miss it. So, only time will tell where we end up, but for now, Virginia Beach is a pretty good home!

June 17: Finding my Wedding Dress!

Mid-June I went up to NH for a (very) quick weekend trip to look for my wedding dress. My sister flew in from Nashville, and we, along with my mom and two aunts, went to Marry & Tux in Nashua, NH. I am going to be doing a blog post soon about my full experience and how to prepare for a dress fitting, since I just had one, so stay tuned for that. But, spoiler alert: I picked the first dress!

June 23: Taking our Engagement Pictures

We had such a blast taking our engagement pictures with Rachel! She is so sweet and made us both feel incredibly comfortable. It helped that she and her husband are friends with Nick and his fiancé, Darcy! Following choosing my dress and taking these pictures, it really started sinking in that WERE GETTING MARRIED! We chose to do our pictures at the beach and then follow that up with a few fun pictures at a local brewery.

engagement pictures

We used these pictures for our save-the-dates, which you can find here.

August 19-20: Weekend Trip to Charlottesville

We celebrated my 27th birthday in Charlottesville, VA and had such an amazing time exploring the cute, college city! Downtown was very walkable and reminded me so much of Burlington, VT. We went to many breweries, ate way too much food, and thoroughly enjoyed being near the mountains.

Bold Rock Charlottesville Virginia

We will be heading back to this city and I will be sure to capture it all for the blog 😊

October 1: Starting this Blog

I officially launched Will Daytrip for Donuts on October 1st and it has been the best creative outlet. I had been thinking about starting a lifestyle blog for about 6 months, and when I stopped really feeling fulfilled by my job, I made the plunge. It has been so much fun documenting our trips, wedding planning, and food adventures and am so excited for what is to come in 2018!

Let me know below what content you all want from me!

December 22-31: Christmas in NH

It has only been a few days since we returned to Virginia from our Christmas trip to New Hampshire, but it was a huge highlight of the year. It was insanely busy, visiting both Lebanon and Bedford, NH, as well as driving all over the state for various wedding-related activities.

We returned to our venue to find it turned into a winter wonderland, with no evidence of where the barn once stood. Then, we had a 3+ hour meeting with our planner, which both stressed me out and reassured me that she will have everything taken care of. Later that week we had a cake tasting, and bridesmaid dresses, and I had a dress fitting! All of which will be covered in future blog posts, coming very soon!

Christmas in New Hampshire

Spending time with all our extended family was amazing and knowing that the next time we will all be together is our wedding is just incredible!


Cheers to the new year and I hope 2018 brings you every happiness!

Year in Review 2017

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